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Tomorrows’ Initiative: Plan today for tomorrow

By Maheen Qureshi

Itaz Singh Othi, a senior at Battlefield High School, and 2017 Battlefield graduate Armon Ahmadjan are working with World Partners For Development (WPD), which is a non-profit organization rooted in Haymarket, to provide humanitarian relief in Ghana. According to WPD’s website, the organization is described as “a dedicated nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower ​young people with the tools they need to make impact on vital community issues and their lives.”

WPD specializes in many different areas to help the people of Ghana, such as: empowering women, educating the youth, educating the public about agricultural practices, and waste management and sanitation. Ahmadjan and Othi have always wanted to take their passion of helping people abroad, and they will get to fulfill that wish sooner rather than later. The two discussed how they will be going to Ghana in the summer of 2018, saying, “WPD has a platform where we will be going to Ghana and helping the youth. We will be targeting local community schools, where we will be focusing on rural underserved communities in Ghana.” As their trip is quickly approaching, Ahmadjan and Othi are gearing up and developing multiple ways to help the citizens of Ghana.

The two boys also plan to create gardens at local underserved schools in the area they are going to help. The plant symbolizes this and the new life their organization will bring to the people of Ghana.

Since the two of them will be specializing in waste management and sanitation, Othi and Ahmadjan also commented on how they will be building micro-flush toilets in Ghana: “Micro-flush toilets will help because they use very little amounts of water, and due to that scarcity of water usage it will be extremely beneficial to the society in Ghana. Not many people know that 1 in 5 Ghanaians do not have access to a toilet. This results in 4,000 children dying per year due to lack of sanitized water.” ( Along with building the products, Othi and Ahmadjan will also be educating the youth.

They also comment on why people should choose Tomorrows’ Initiative out of all the other organizations helping Ghana: “People should choose our organization because we will be providing people with a visual representation, for everyone who donates, what your financial resources will actually do.” Donations are accepted and encouraged, people can donate on Armon and Itaz’s GoFundMe page:

Questions about the organization can be directed to the Tomorrows Initiative social media (Twitter and Instagram: @2morrowsint, and Facebook: Tomorrows Initiative), Or email:

About the author: Maheen Qureshi  is a junior and third year journalism student at Battlefield High School.  She is also the president of Battlefield’s International Club, and is an active volunteer in the community.  She hopes to pursue journalism in the future.

About the photographer: Isabelle Barrett is a senior at Battlefield High School in Haymarket. She is the editor in chief of the yearbook, president of the Peer Diversity and Photography Clubs, photo editor for the literature magazine, and the webmaster of Key Club. In the future she hopes to pursue a career in media and communications.

This is the first in a series of a partnership between Piedmont Lifestyle Magazines and Battlefield High School’s journalism classes to publish students writing and artwork. We are enthusiastic about this partnership to bring students’ literary and artistic creations to the community and we look forward to more submissions!


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