Fauquier Community Theatre’s 40th Anniversary

Painting Stories

The Fauquier Community Theatre has not only survived for 40 years, but has definitely thrived! With the production of over 250 shows over the last 40 years, FCT has become a staple in our community. As FCT is delighted to kick off this momentous occasion in time, we want to take you along for a wonderful ride through an amazing season of live theatre and an incredible celebratory Fundraising Gala in April 2018.

While some things have changed over the past 40 years with The Fauquier Community Theatre, still much has stayed the same. The strong base of pioneering volunteers shaped FCT into what it is today. The countless volunteers that have come alongside us since those beginning years, have brought new ideas but have also rested upon the shoulders of the talented entrepreneurs who began FCT’s journey 40 years ago.

In the age of digital media dominating our culture, there is no better time than today to instill the passion of theatre in the minds and hearts of our community members. No matter how good a movie film may be, what we see has been filmed out of sequence, in multiple locations, over many weeks and chopped up in the editing room. Actors are perfecting various scenes until the content is acceptable. But stage theatre is a LIVE art. The actors must get it right on the night for the audience and there is no greater pressure and challenge than that.

Live theatre is an integral part of a community, helping it to examine itself in a mirror. Theatre has long been looked at as a laboratory in which we can study the problems that confront society and attempt to solve these problems. The effects of live theatre for participants and for patrons are things such as enhanced knowledge of the plot, vocabulary, greater tolerance, improved ability to read the emotions of others, communicating, self-expression, historical empathy, and critical thinking.

FCT strives to offer fresh, innovative, challenging and classical theatre to the stage for the enjoyment of our audiences. “Fauquier Community Theatre has been successful because it is innovative while being respectful of community standards, and it has struck a balance between arts management and artists,” says Mike Markley, FCT’s current Chairman.

With “community” being the most important part of our theatre’s name, we remain committed to being involved in and participating with the community. We have chosen to partner together with so many other non-profit organizations over the last few years, including: Allegro Community School of the Arts, The Warrenton Ruritan Club, RAAC, Blue Ridge Chorale, The Fauquier Chamber, The Inn at Vint Hill, Arts Consulting International, Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, Sibby’s Restaurant, Loudoun County Opera, The Fauquier Day Care Center, The Hylton Performing Arts Center and The Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier, along with sharing our props and costumes with schools from both Fauquier and Prince William Counties.

FCT’s financial support comes from business sponsors, individual memberships, a grant from VCA, ticket purchases and donations. Our business sponsors have steadily grown over the past 8 years with a total of 53 current sponsors.  We had over 10,000 people attend shows last season and anticipate more growth in the coming years. As we continue to grow with increased community participation, provide value to the community, and thrive in quality productions, there is no limit of the effects this little community theatre will have on its participants and the society at large.

There’s always room for improvement, new ideas, and new volunteers to continue the creative process of producing live stage theatre. So, come along, join us as we paint the next chapter of this epic story!

-By Christie Clark, FCT Executive Director

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