Springtime in Art

Above: Riverside Bluebells by Armand Cabrera

In March, springtime is so close but yet so far. The days are gradually lengthening, the nights growing shorter, but the landscape has yet to awaken and the temperatures are still sometimes cold. Spring fever is about to take hold. 

Springtime in Virginia is arguably the most beautiful season of the year. The landscape begins to green, the redbuds’ pink blossoms are always a welcome sight as they add color to the landscape. The daffodils and crocuses bloom, adding even more color. In March we are so tired of the greys and browns that dominate the winter landscape, and eager for the beauty of spring to arrive. 

Not surprisingly, springtime in Fauquier is a favorite for many of our talented local artists…how could it not be, with all the natural splendor emerging? We’ve collected a few of their colorful, springtime landscape and floral images that should help tide you over until spring is really here. Imagine yourself in a field of bluebells, or arranging fresh-cut flowers in a vase in your home, and have faith…winter will be ending soon! 

“Forsythia at Dusk” by Marci Nadler



“Spring Greens” by Sue Braswell



“Tulips, Daffodils, and Lilacs in a Copper Vase” by Marci Nadler




“Plane Tree” by Daphne Vom Baur



“My Neighbor’s Poppies with Adirondak” by Teresa Duke


“Spring Race at Glenwood Park” by Teresa Duke



“Dappled Light on Crenshaw Road” by Marci Nadler



“Etlan” by Armand Cabrera



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