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Living the Dream

Tara Jelenic is an artist and a horse enthusiast whose artistic endeavours began when she was just five years old. “I had my first piece of artwork submitted and pinned in an art show at the Lowe Art Museum at University of Miami when I was six years old,” Jelenic shared. “My mom signed me up for drawing lessons at an early age and I continued drawing and painting throughout high school.” Over the years, Jelenic’s love for art did not abate. She noted, “My parents were extremely supportive when I made the decision to attend the University of Florida Fine Arts school and pursue my talents.”  

Creativity, however, runs in her family genes; her mother is a painter and her father draws. “My parents must have sensed I had a knack for art and allowed me to thrive by enrolling me in various art classes in my early years,” Jelenic said. “My love for art really stemmed from those early experiences.”

While enrolled at the University, Jelenic discovered photography. “In the 90s we shot with film cameras which was a different experience. I brought my camera everywhere, including my travels to Europe. Intrigued by texture and contrast of certain architectural features, I would incorporate those into my photographs,” she said. “I also loved the aspect of sports photography and spent a lot of time photographing skateboarders. This is where my passion for photography began.”

During her childhood, her home was across the street from a horse farm. She was always fascinated by animals. In the past decade Jelenic relocated to Virginia and was once again surrounded by horses. Now she finds photographing them a challenge; one she enjoys. She upgraded to a digital camera and began photographing anything related to the equines: from dressage shows to fox hunting. “I knew then this is what I was supposed to do professionally,” Jelenic said with a smile. “I am very fortunate to have many different types of equestrian events so close to home and I am rarely without my camera.”

Through the years she has developed her own unique style and composition for a variety of subject matter. She also developed a fondness for photographing architecture for both design professionals and realtors, as she has a second degree in interior design and worked in the field for several years. Her favorite subject matter is, of course, horses. She admitted one of her biggest accomplishments in her career has been the production and sales of her fine art images. “I am elated at the thought of someone enjoying the work I created,” she said. “My approach is an organic and thoughtful one and I enjoy seeing clients understand and appreciate the special moments I capture with the camera.”

Jelenic’s photography is a testament to her artistic vision; the detail, composition and style. “I aim to capture an unexpected mood and/or perspective. Although the image is a two dimensional one, my end goal is to convey a three dimensional feel in each piece. In my field work, I strive to capture moments of accomplishment and bliss,” she shared.

Customer service is also important to Jelenic. She dedicates time discussing various pieces with her patrons. “I sell my fine art to both private and business clients,” Jelenic noted. “Most of my work is limited edition and is available in various sizes to accommodate each client’s needs.” Also notable is the type of printed medium Jelenic utilizes for her pieces. “The unique medium conveys the contemporary feel of my images. The images are printed directly on a metal backing which allows the image to remain unframed, retaining the integrity of the piece to reflect the modern intention of my work.” For those who wish a traditional frame, Jelenic also offers framing services.

Jelenic’s work is available for purchase through a variety of sources. One is through her website or by contacting her directly. Individuals may also view and purchase her exclusive fine art pieces at Daniel J Moore Design, located at 8393 West Main Street in Marshall, Virginia. Jelenic’s goal is to hold an art show in the near future to showcase her work in a gallery setting. In the meantime, Jelenic said that she’s “living her dream through through the lens.”

For more information on her equine, special event offerings, limited edition fine art photography, portrait photography (people and animals), and interior and exterior real estate photography visit www.tarajelenicphotography.com, or email her at info@tarajelenicphotography.com

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