By Christine Craddock
Home & Garden

A Refuge Restored

Named after the Norwegian Spruce trees that tower over the property, the complementary duo of Kelly Williams and Michael Beidler coordinated their building and design skills to create an idyllic residence at Spruce Hill Farm that reflects their styles, standards, and visions of what a home should be. More

Kara B. Thorpe

A Mother’s Mission

Families Overcoming Drug Addiction (FODA), a support group unique for its inclusion of both drug users and those whose lives have been affected by them, was founded by Caroline Folker in December 2015. Through this initiative, Folker fortuitously met and ultimately partnered with Moira Satre, chairperson of the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and founder of Come As You Are (CAYA), which serves to raise community awareness of drug addiction through prevention programs and relevant resources. More

Arts & Literature

A Destination in Itself

The Allure and Impact of Kelly Ann’s Quilting “Mine is such a unique business that it’s a destination in itself. My audience is very targeted, and the quilters just gravitate here.” Kelly Ann Richardson has More