Welcome to Lifestyle's Back to School Surveys!

This year the words "back to school" mean something very different than in past years. The subject of school schedules and classroom arrangements is a controversial one as the start of the school year approaches. The school boards are trying to balance many factors: the safety of the students and teachers/staff, the quality of education afforded to the students, the feasibility and quality of distance learning, technology concerns, transportation issues, and even more while also considering what the parents want/need. In many ways, the school boards are in a no-win situation. The subject is so controversial that there is simply no way to make everyone happy.

We'd like to thank everyone at the public schools and those that are serving on the school boards for putting in the time and effort in making these very difficult decisions in a very difficult time.

But, the subject is a controversial one, and we'd like to hear your opinions as we prepare our "Back to School" issues in September. Please consider participating in our survey; it's quite short, but there is also space available for you to share more thoughts.

There are separate surveys for residents of Fauquier County and residents of the Haymarket/Gainesville area. Please select your option below.