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Best Auto Parts Supply

Chick’s Services

“We are invested in Fauquier County and enjoy serving the public; We just so happen to do it with cars,” says Dale Edwards, co-owner of Chick’s Services Inc. in Warrenton. A family business for over 50 years, this auto repair/supply and convenience store has been the community’s ‘go-to’ for all things auto and tire sales. 

The family is no stranger to the industry. Dale’s father was a tanker driver for Exxon back in the 1960s. Back then, the business provided their drivers the opportunity to own their own stations. The Exxon station his father built existed on the land directly across from where Chick’s now lives. It was later that the family purchased their current land and opened Chick’s Services. 

From Day One, Hazel Settle, Dale’s mom, has been the guiding force in the business, with Dale as her partner. Chick’s is focused on auto repair and tire sales but with gas and the convenience store as added bonuses. Dale says some of his most frequent customers know Hazel and have come to realize her knowledge of cars far exceeds that of most people. He emphasizes that female customers often feel more comfortable discussing auto issues with her. 

With a car being most people’s second largest investment in their lives, the relationship with it is an important one. “We have always been a service station. We felt if we gave good service, we would have good customers,” says Dale. And the customers at Chick’s are smart and price conscious. They continue to rely on Chick’s because they know the business will give them good, cost-effective work on their cars, using modern technologies with old-fashioned values. Dale says some days he spends more time on the phone advising customers than doing actual hands-on mechanics. 

Gas is also an aspect to the business that Chick’s maintains the highest standards and savings, recently by signing on to a fuel contract with Marathon gas. The perks of this recent change will benefit the consumer, like the 5 cents off per gallon loyalty program accessible right at the pumps. 

When asked, Dale says the easiest way to explain Chick’s success is their role in the community. Many members of the family also work in the community, including Dale, who is a golf coach at Kettle Run High School. He credits their amazing manager Wes, as a Godsend who helps run the day-to-day business, allowing Dale and Hazel more opportunities to be involved in other ventures.  

Residing in Fauquier is living the best of both worlds, says Dale. It’s country enough to be country while feeling almost like living in a different world away from the hustle and bustle of most of Northern Virginia. Living and raising his family in Warrenton has been a wonderful experience, he says. And now his grandchildren are enjoying their childhood the same way. 

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