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Kwon’s Champion School

Kwon’s Champion School opened its doors in Gainesville in 1999 and is part of a family-owned chain of six locations, five in the US and one in Korea.  At the helm and heart of Kwon’s Champion School is world renowned Grandmaster Kwon, a 10th degree black belt who began studying martial arts in Korea at the age of five and has devoted his life to martial arts training. Throughout his journey in the field, he learned many different styles and created combination martial arts, which teaches kids and adults the best techniques from different disciplines including Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Hap Ki Do, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and weapons training. 

All locations are owned and run by students of Grandmaster Kwon.  The Gainesville Kwon’s location is operated by his son Master Eric Kwon.

Kwon’s is the only school of its kind that teaches the combined martial arts.  The instructors use the highest quality equipment and painstakingly ensure the school and studio is clean.  This is evident by the pristine white mat in the school which is cleaned and sanitized every few hours.

Students come for many different reasons.  Some are looking for physical fitness, while others are looking for self-confidence. Kwon’s offers special beginner classes through master classes, and all its classes work on self-confidence, physical fitness, respect and listening. 

Our school offers a very friendly environment and the support of positive instructors.  Some people might be intimidated to learn, but you don’t need to be physically fit to start.  Training at our school will help you get fit and gain coordination,” said Master Eric Kwon.   

Kwon’s Champion School is best known for its “I can do things” mindset.   At the end of each class, students recite the school oath which includes mantras about a healthy and holistic way of life.  It includes respect of family, friends, and self; maintaining a good relationship with friends and family; trying to achieve one’s best in school and work; abstaining from drugs; having courage and honesty in everything one does; helping others in need; and finally, training for a strong mind and body. 

At Kwon’s, the students are not only taken care of, but learn self-discipline and respect as well. [Our boys] come home holding themselves accountable for their actions and I love that,” said Brandy Reed, the parent of two Kwon’s students.

“We are here to teach the community, kids and adults how to become a better version of themselves,” said Master Kwon.

In addition to classes, Kwon’s offers before and after care for working parents, summer camps, women’s cardio kickboxing classes, birthday parties, and a monthly parents’ night out.  Beyond that, the school offers occasional seminars on self-defense and gives back to the community by visiting public schools and working with community groups such as the Girl Scouts.  Master Kwon stressed the importance of community involvement.

“Kwon’s has exceptional teaching methods that I have been so impressed with,” said Sonia Chin, a parent whose children attend the school. “They have taught my kids respect for instructors, teachers, and parents. They are consistently improving their discipline, patience, and strength, while learning to be friendly to everyone they meet.”   

You can see for yourself what it’s like to train at Kwon’s Champion School by taking a free introductory class.  For more information, call or visit the website.

7605 Linton Hall Road, Gainesville / P: 703-753-8231

W: KwonsChampionSchool.comFB: @KwonsChampionSchoolGainesville 

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