Going Gainesville Goes to Mystic Flow Wellness Center

From left: Mystic Flow Wellness Center staff member Shawna Carl, owner Adriana Benoit, McKenzie Hollingsworth of The Spotted Leopard, and Going Gainesville host Lesley Salman. Far right: Aaron Couch, MixMe Media. Tucked in the corner, Josiah Mendoza, Josiah Mendoza Photography.

By Lesley Salman

Which “Best Of” category did Going Gainesville tip our hats to this month? Best holistic service and alternative medicine provider! And we couldn’t wait to get to the winner, Mystic Flow Wellness Center, located in the Piedmont Center Plaza in Gainesville. 

The adorably sweet McKenzie Hollingsworth from the Spotted Leopard, voted “Best Of”  in antiques and furniture as well as interior design, accompanied me as my co-host to complete this twofer. We were anxious to learn more about Mystic Flow so we moseyed on over and sat down with owner Adriana Benoit and staff member, Shawna Carl, and asked them point blank: why do you think you won a Best Of award?

Their response? They told us the simple reason for their success is that they have the best clients. 

There’s something to be said about a business that just cannot get their clients to stop spreading the word. And why are their clients so satisfied? Because they’re asked on a continual basis what services they want and the center listens and provides those services!

Mystic Flow offers balance – services for your body including massages and flow therapy. They offer clarity which is astrology, coaching and readings, and harmony which consists of psychotherapy and TRE. 

In addition they offer floatation therapy and we had to know — what’s all the hype about? Well, it takes place in a “pod” where you can create a custom experience with light, sound, etc to either tune in or tune out the world and its never-ending stresses. The saltwater allows you to float effortlessly in body temperature water making it impossible to feel where your body ends and the water begins. It’s the perfect way to relax and relieve any tensions. 

If you want to watch more and take a tour of this peaceful spa, you’re in luck because the video can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/goinggainesvilleva. Simply click on “videos” then scroll down to the Mystic Flow Wellness Center banner. 

Going Gainesville will be back next month to honor another of the Gainesville and Haymarket businesses you voted “Best Of” so don’t miss this space or our video spotlights on all of your local favorites on Facebook!

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