Going Gainesville goes to Piedmont Tire and Auto

From left: John Filipone, operations manager of Piedmont Tire and Auto talks with Lesley Salman, host of Going Gainesville and Bruce Potter, chief operating officer of InsideNova.com and Lifestyle magazines. Far left, rear: videographer Josiah Mendez catches the action.

With our visit last issue to Eugene’s Sausage and Fries under our belts, we stopped off to check out some other belts in town – timing and serpentine to be exact – at Piedmont Tire and Auto. Piedmont Tire and Auto has garnered the title of Best of Auto Repair for 2019, but that’s no surprise. This is the ninth year in a row they’ve won! 

This time around, I was fortunate to have Bruce Potter as my co-host. Bruce is the chief operating officer of the amazing local news source InsideNova.com and, or course, Lifestyle Magazines. Together we sat down with none other than John Filipone, operations manager of both Piedmont Tire and Auto locations in Haymarket and Gainesville, who filled us in on all the services the shop provides including tires, engines and transmissions, computers, safety and emissions, alignments, and even restorations. The only auto-related thing they don’t do is bodywork (so try not to hit a deer or anything else for that matter!). 

How has Piedmont Tire and Auto been able to stay on top for so long? It’s all in the amazing customer service they consistently provide to their more than two-hundred customers per day. And you know what? They don’t call them customers. They refer to them as family. That uber high level of caring customer service includes providing a shuttle service, offering loaner vehicles and occasionally making house calls. One of Piedmont Tire and Autos major goals – and one of the keys to its incredible popularity – is to return your vehicle to you when you need it. So, when scheduling an appointment, let the shop know when you need your vehicle back by and they will make every effort to get it to you in your timeframe.   

And if all that is not enough, John runs the Western Prince William County Chatter Facebook page comprised of twenty-two thousand members. On it he and Piedmont Tire and Auto host the most generous giveaways. From performing free repairs for veterans and families impacted by cancer, to events for teachers, nurses and law enforcement.  Piedmont Tire and Auto is more than the best in auto repair and service; they’re quite possibly the best at helping the community and giving back.

So next time you hear a squeak, rattle or just want to confirm your car is safe to take on that big road trip, stop on in and see why Piedmont Tire and Auto has taken the Best of crown nine years in a row. And to catch our visit with John Filipone, go to Facebook.com/goinggainesvilleva, click on “Videos” then scroll down and click on the Piedmont Tire and Auto banner. 

Going Gainesville will be back next month to celebrate another of the Haymarket and Gainesville businesses you voted Best this year, so don’t miss this space or our video spotlights on all your local favorites on Facebook! 

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