HGBA Member Meet & Greet: Lynda Kummelt

Above: Lynda Kummelt, far left front row, surrounded by volunteers from the Navy and Marines at Quantico, students from GMU, board member Kelly Easterly, and several members of the community.  

Lynda Kummelt
Keep Prince William Beautiful

4391 Ridgewood Center Drive, Suite F, Prince William
571-285-3772 / www.kpwb.org
lkummelt@kpwb.org or info@kpwb.org

When and why did you decide to join this organization?
I chanced upon Keep Prince William Beautiful in 2017 when I was looking for a site to do my internship.  As luck would have it, I was chosen for the environmental education internship. Toward the end of it, the programs manager left.  I applied and got the job. Fast forward to May, 2018, our executive director left and I stepped in as interim director. My position became permanent last September.  If I had to do it all over again, I would happily choose KPWB because the work we do really makes a difference.

How does KPWB serve the local community?
Keep Prince William Beautiful oversees several programs, including Adopt-A-Spot, Community Cleanups, Beautification, and Educational Outreach.  Last year, our volunteers picked up over 33,000 pounds of litter and recycling. In addition, two pollinator gardens were installed with native Virginia plants and hives for native bees and honey bees.  

Please share one of the greatest moments you’ve experienced in your current profession.
The greatest moment was finishing up the pollinator garden at the Prince William County Landfill.  After receiving a generous grant from Keep America Beautiful and Lowes, it was amazing to watch the garden take the place of a grassy area filled with non-native plants.  People donated old canoes and tires to use as planters, old pallets were repurposed as fences and native bee hotels, and close to 200 volunteers came out over two Saturday mornings to help organize and plant the garden.

Tell us about your experience with the HGBA. How has it supported you and your organization?
I am amazed how so many HGBA members go out of their way to approach you and ask about your business.  Being welcomed with open arms has helped me spread the word about our programs, and it is encouraging to see so many people in the local business community supporting small non-profits like KPWB.  

What’s one business tip you can offer other professionals?
Always follow up with people.  Be it a highschool student in need of service hours or a potential program sponsor, I make sure to follow up quickly because anyone who reaches out to us deserves our full attention.

What is your favorite season in this area, and why?
My favorite season in this area is spring.  After the cold weather, KPWB ramps up all our programs and our fundraiser.  Volunteers come out of hibernation to help with our Great Prince William Cleanup in April, along with many community cleanups organized by communities all over the county.  Our fundraiser takes place at the beautiful Winery at La Grange and gives us a chance to showcase all the great work we have done over the past year, not to mention sit back and enjoy good food and wine with our incredible group of supporters.

What was your first job, or your most interesting job prior to your current profession?
My first job was at a flower shop where I made deliveries and helped make the arrangements. Since then, I’ve worked as a forklift driver, veterinary assistant, and combat medic in the Army.  Each of these has helped prepare me in different ways to grow KPWB into an even more impactful organization.

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