HGBA Member Spotlight Cynthia Murray

Business Name: HouseMaster of Bull Run

Member Name: Cynthia Murray

Business Address: 11106 Bristow Road, Bristow, VA 20136

Business Phone: 571-393-3311

Email: Cynthia.Murray@HouseMaster.com

Business Website: HouseMaster.com/591

When and why did you decide to join this company/firm? OR When and why did you decide to start your own company?

My husband and I started our HouseMaster Home Inspection franchise in December of 2016. I retired from teaching in 2015 and John left the government services industry in 2016. We wanted to do something that helps others, so we chose home inspection because it allows us to help people with the biggest investment of their lives.

How does your business serve the local community?

HouseMaster of Bull Run helps the local community by providing home buyers with a detailed report describing the condition of the home they are buying. The buyers are also invited to accompany the inspector during the inspection. The inspector is then able to show the operation of the home’s systems and give tips on home maintenance.

HouseMaster of Bull Run also sponsors the Manassas Runway 10K, the Prince William Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament, Comfort Cases, Good News Community Kitchen, SOWW, and the Bull Run Rotary and their activities.

Please share one of the greatest moments you’ve experienced in your current profession.

For me the greatest moments are all about the wonderful people I meet. I do most of the marketing for HouseMaster of Bull Run. This position has allowed me to learn so much more about Haymarket and Gainesville and the independent businesses located here.

Tell us about your experience with the HGBA. How has it supported you in your local business?

I always enjoy the HGBA events. I have met many people who have become friends, many of whom have used our services or referred others to us. I have found the networking at HGBA events to be very fruitful, meeting other entrepreneurs. I am always happy to refer others to the fine people in the HGBA.

What are the top three business tips and tricks can you offer other professionals?

  1. Join strong networking groups, and attend events. Get to know the other attendees.
  2. Spend some money on marketing materials to build name and brand recognition.
  3. Work hard, be honest, hold yourself and others to high ethical standards. Give of yourself and your time.

Are you from this area? If not, what brought you here and what do you like about our town?

I am from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I moved to Prince William County in 1984 to find employment. This area has a lot to offer. I enjoy the blending of old and new, history and latest technology. The people are friendly and kind. Here I found the benefits of a big city with small town charm.

What is your favorite season in this area, and why?

I have always loved fall. I love the warm days and the cool nights. And I love the colorful trees.

What are some hobbies you enjoy?

I enjoy gardening, canning, and keeping bees. I also enjoy quilting, cross stitch, and other hand crafts. And I ride motorcycles with my husband.

What is your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is Okras. I was sad to see them leave the Virginia Oaks community, and hope they find a new venue in Gainesville/Haymarket.

What is your favorite local high school sports team?

My children all attended Osbourn Park High School and were on the girls basketball team and the track team. My husband graduated from Brentsville High School where he wrestled and played football. So I attend events at both of those schools.

Are you involved with any nonprofits? If so, which one(s) and why?

I volunteer with Blanket Hearts and Comfort Cases. I am also a member of the PWAR Outreach Committee. The Outreach committee focuses on a different charity each quarter, giving of our time, talents and treasure.

What was your first job, or your most interesting job prior to your current profession?

I have had several careers in my life including accounting, church musician, and at-home mom. My most interesting years were spent in the Prince William County classrooms as an elementary teacher. I started as a substitute teacher, then took a full time position as my children grew older. My final 13 years were spent in kindergarten. Education and children’s concerns are still close to my heart. I am especially committed to providing proper nutrition to school aged children from needy homes in our county.

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