HGBA Spotlight: Michael W. Baumstark

Michael W .Baumstark
USHealth Advisors
10432 Balls Ford Rd, Suite 300, Manassas

When and why did you decide to join this company?

After I retired from the US Navy as a helicopter pilot and intelligence officer, I became a certified financial planner. In 2015, I was searching for a new professional field and was recruited by USHA. It’s a fantastic company. USHA serves the health care needs of millions of people and offers better benefits at lower costs. I jumped in five years ago, got promoted, and now serve as a sales leader recruiting and training new agents in the area. It is the best job I have ever had.

How does your business serve the local community?

We are constantly networking and cooperating with other businesses to help charities like Carried to Full Term, Habitat for Humanity, etc. I am also a member of Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association which serves vets in need. I also like working with the local Chambers of Commerce in Prince William and Fauquier. And of course HGBA!

Please share one of the greatest moments you’ve experienced in your current profession.

Seeing new agents loving their new career and the “Helping Other People Everyday” mentality. This even includes two of my sons, Luke and Michael (jr)!

Tell us about your experience with the HGBA. How has it supported you in your business?

HGBA has been a great networking group to deepen my friendship with my fellow local business owners. I am a people lover as well as a small business lover. HGBA fits well!

What are the top three business tips and tricks can you offer other professionals?

1 Always care more for others than for yourself, and be truly interested in others as well as yourself.

2 Try to be excellent in your knowledge of what you are doing in business and stay current.

3 Be truthful always and follow through with whatever you commit to, or promise people.

Are you from this area? If not, what brought you here and what do you like about our town?

I am originally from Southern California. The Navy brought me here. I appreciate the family atmosphere, love the outdoor beauty of the area, and love the proximity to the Nation’s Capital.

What is your favorite season in this area, and why?

Spring and fall. Warm enough to do stuff outside like riding my Harley and using our fish/ski boat.

What are some hobbies you enjoy?

Harley riding, fishing, boating, sporting clays, golf, welding, and videography.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Out of the Blue in Gainesville.

Are you involved with any nonprofits?

I’ve done some work with local churches and I am a fan of, and donor to, Samaritan’s Purse Charity.

What was your first job, or your most interesting job prior to your current profession?

My first job was working at my dad’s car dealership. I started selling cars at about 13-years-old and loved entrepreneurship. Of course my job in the military as a Navy pilot and intelligence officer was a multi-faceted world tour of danger and excitement, so that was rather interesting as well!

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