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Ashley Turner redefines beauty at Little Diva’s Day Spa

If you were to interview each business owner in our local area, you’d find that many of them have motivations and passions that encompass so much more than meets the eye. Ashley Turner, owner of Little Diva’s Day Spa, is no exception. Determined to make a difference in the lives of the both the girls who come in to be pampered and the employees doing the pampering, Turner is making her mark in our community.

Prior to owning Little Diva’s, Turner and her 12-year-old daughter Leah ran a mobile kids spa, bringing their pampering and primping to the community one party at a time. But once business started picking up, Turner found Little Diva’s a good-sized spot in the back of the same building as Foster’s Grille and CMC Music Center in Haymarket.

From its new, non-mobile space, Turner pursues her passion of not just pampering but empowering the young clients who come to Little Diva’s. Her goal is for the girls who visit the spa to leave feeling beautiful on the outside and, more importantly, on the inside. She points out that our youth are seeing more and more adults altering their appearance online, via filters and apps like Beauty Plus, and the result is that young girls are having a tougher time than ever before learning to love themselves for who they are.

“I want them to define their own version of beauty,” says Turner who often will have each partygoer create her own acronym from the word B-E-A-U-T-Y. For example, she encourages them to use words like bold, enjoyable, unique, and talented as descriptors of themselves.

Turner wasn’t even aware of what kind of difference she was making at first but, at one party, a little girl revealed that she had been being bullied and had thoughts of suicide. She ended up leaving the party feeling validated and hugging Turner and her new friends. Turner says she wants every little girl she encounters to redefine her narrative and think of themselves in ways other than just how they look.

But to take even further her goal of empowering others, Turner has assumed a less primary role in running the spa. When she interviews prospective employees, she seeks out those with a heart for empowering little girls and the desire to be a business owner in the future. Anyone who seeks employment has to fill out an application, like any other job, but the difference is that the application focuses more on character than on work history and experience. Those Turner hires become her partner and run the business to train and hone their skills by playing the role of “manager of the day.”

“These women play a huge role in the success of Little Diva’s,” Turner says, and she knows the spa is in good hands with her carefully chosen crew.

In training her team, Turner emphasizes positive interactions and being aware that some of the girls visiting the spa might not have an ideal home life and things might not be going well when they come in, but that they should feel changed when they leave.

“This is so much more than a job,” Turner says.

When asked what she would like people to know about Little Diva’s Day Spa, Turner says, “That this is a safe place in the community for moms and daughters to be transformed on the outside and the inside.”

During the week and on weekends, clients can visit by appointment only and if your little diva would like to host a birthday party at which her guests can enjoy spa packages that include pedicures, manicures, hairdos, and makeuplook no further than Little Diva’s.

For further information and to book appointments and parties, visit Your little one will leave feeling pretty and empowered. And that’s beautiful.

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