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Etsy for the holidays and beyond

Etsy is a great go-to for unique and handmade items of all kinds. In the spirit of shopping local for the holidays, we sourced some Fauquier artisans who sell on the site so that you, their neighbors, can support our local economy while unearthing some original and local treasures to share. Happy shopping! 

Sophia Rose Collective

  • Pricilla Park
  • Warrenton

Warrenton’s Pricilla Park began her Etsy business SophiaandRoseCo when she stepped back from teaching to stay at home with her baby girl seven years ago, researching products to sell. After a bit of a false start with natural bath and body products, it was her daughter’s upcoming first birthday that lit the spark that became her business today. “I wanted some unique decorations for her party, so I looked into paper flowers,” she said. “Most of the tutorials I found were for tissue paper flowers, but I wasn’t wild about them.” She picked up a few rolls of crepe paper and began experimenting. “I loved making the crepe paper flowers!” she said. “I made them for my daughter’s birthday, snapped a few pictures and listed them in my Etsy shop, and I quickly had my first order! It was a wild roller coaster from there – but I had found my niche!”

As the demand for Pricilla’s flowers grew, so did the demands on her time. “There were days where I would wake up at 4 a.m. and go to bed at 3 a.m. and I was still struggling to keep up,” she said. “The best part was getting to meet so many amazing clients and paper florists. I love getting photos and stories from clients about how they use their paper flowers, and I really enjoy doing commercial work as well — Sephora, Jo Malone, Macy’s, Project Nursery, Dove, and Teiks were some of my favorites.” 

Regarding her Etsy success, Pricilla says, “Find your niche! I don’t follow other people’s tutorials and create my own style based on client needs and my own preferences. My style of paper flower is not the most sophisticated and realistic but it’s my own!”

The Rustic Mod by September Homestead

  • Carina and Steve Wheat
  • Bealeton

Husband and wife Carina and Steve Wheat from Bealeton are the creative team behind TheRusticMod, their Etsy shop featuring handmade wood signs and other items. The shop expanded when Steve was laid off during the pandemic. “Steve and I are both very creative, but in our own unique ways,” Carina said. “Our products are the combination of our different creative talents. Steve likes to work with wood, and I like to come up with the ideas and paint. Basically, I like to tell Steve what needs to be done. Ha!” Steve brings his precise design background and Carina, her artistic nature, and together they complement each other. “I often go rogue and just do whatever creative thing I’m feeling versus tackling the project at hand. Steve is great about steering me back, reminding me to not forget we have a certain number of signs to ship this week,” she added. “We work together in the design process, and I hand paint and distress the signs, do the sewing, and social media management.”

Along with signs, they offer additional handmade items like wooden tic-tac-toe games and sewn items like pillowcases made from grain sack fabric, linen baby bonnets, and seasonal home decor.

It can be challenging to keep their products in stock, but they acknowledge that’s a good thing. “Some weeks we’ll get slammed with back-to-back orders, and we’ll wonder if someone shared one of our items on social media to create such a flurry,” Carina said.  The Rustic Mod products are also offered at two local stores – Warrenton’s This ‘n That Amish Outlet, and the Very Virginia Shop in downtown Leesburg. 

 LintonDay/Day’s Creations

  • Cynthia Linton
  • Summerduck

Cynthia Linton of Sumerduck founded her Etsy shop LintonDay in 2013 after taking her embroidery business to craft shows for years, and has grown it to over 3,300 sales as she learns the art of working with Etsy. “The first 2 years I didn’t understand how hard it was to be found. But after talking to other Etsy sellers and joining sales groups I began to raise my ratings. I was able to quit my full time job and put all my time into my embroidery business and Etsy shop.” 

Cindy does it all – taking orders, making the items, shipping, and social media marketing. What makes her Etsy shop such a success is due in part to the homework and attention she gives it daily. “It is not just a set it and forget it kind of thing,” she said. “Read all you can, learn from sales groups, study the Etsy algorithms, take good photos of your products, follow the Etsy rules, and freshen your shop often.”

Cindy’s product line includes baseball hats, tee shirts, sweatshirts, and many other items, including something a bit unique – custom livestock show awards. “We have shipped awards all over the USA and done some big national and state show awards.” Livestock shows are a passion for her family, who have been involved in 4H and open shows. “This spring I had a customer named Tammy from Missouri who owns a feed store frequented by 4H kids in the area,” she shared. “She wanted to support them, but of course she can’t buy an animal from each kid that buys feed! Instead, she ordered 78 cooler tote bags with the kid’s names on them and the animal that they had raised and shown. I loved working with her and all the messages I got about how much the kids and their parents had liked the gifts.”

“Things like that make me happy, when I know I am putting a smile on others’ faces,” she added. “I also love making custom grandparent sweatshirts at Christmas and getting messages after the holidays about how much those are loved.”

Hidden Treasure Jewelry

  • Lori Sowers
  • Warrenton

“In 2008, my crafty mom gave me a jewelry craft kit for Mother’s Day,” said Warrenton’s Lori Sowers. “I was intrigued and tried it out. I quickly caught on, watching online tutorials, studying jewelry books and magazines, using my husband’s garage tools, and practicing until I got it right.” She invested in real jewelry pliers, and a month later she had more jewelry than she could wear. “My husband recommended trying to sell on a website he had heard of called Etsy,” she said. “I picked out a business name, choosing Hidden Treasure Jewelry based on a Bible verse that talks about searching for wisdom as if it were hidden treasure. It took a few weeks to get my first sale.”

Loris’s shop, which features earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, all made of sterling, beads, charms, and other materials, now sits at over 8,500 sales, earning her the Etsy Star Seller rating. “There are people wearing my creations all over the world,” Lori said. “I have shipped my jewelry across the U.S. and to 31 countries!” In addition to her jewelry designs, Lori is well known for her unique bookmarks, listing over 300 in her Etsy shop. A full time kindergarten teacher, Lori hopes to continue to build the business so the momentum will continue past her retirement from the classroom. She found that once she began selling extra jewelry-making supplies alongside her creations, her shop really took off.

Other local Etsy shops to check out

Nerds Undeterred

  • Jessica Fulcher,  Remington
  • Handmade purses, wallets and other sewn items

Salt and Light by Amy 

  • Amy Zwirko
  • Local artist with a mobile paint business

Snuggle Snuffle Shop

  • Olivia Davidson (12 years old), Warrenton
  • Sleeping and foraging mats for small pets

Half Past Moonshine

  • AnaGabriele Rodriguez, Marshall
  • Handmade, unique trays, coasters, and more

Zippered Zebra

  • Krysta Langner, Nokesville
  • Personalized Reusable Bags, Cupbandz, Book Sleeves Cases, and more.

Caleb Mathews Studio

  • Caleb Mathews, Bealeton
  • Acrylic and oil paintings

Rural Squirrel Candle

  • Dave and Christine Jennings, Marshall
  • Candles and fragrances made from soy wax and coconut/soy wax blends and pure essential oils
  • Shop also at

Princess and the Pilot

  • Jenny Gonzalez, Warrenton
  • Handcrafted clothing & more for your little ones & you

Want to find other local artisans on etsy? It’s easy. Search for your product, and in the results window, click “all filters”, and fill in your town in the “shop location” field on the left filter sidebar that pops up. Voila! All local sellers. 

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