Spotlight: Local Realtor Brenda Payne

“My clients’ happiness is the biggest goal I have”

To some people, working in real estate is a job. To Brenda Payne, it’s a lifestyle. Brenda, who was born and raised in Fauquier County, had her first job at a real estate firm in Middleburg as a secretary and loved it so much she has been in the industry ever since. Having been in real estate since 1991, Brenda has found herself on both ends of the real estate spectrum, working both as a real estate agent as well as in closing and settlements.

Brenda said, “This makes me a better comprehensive resource in the industry. I’m not only familiar with the buying and selling aspect of real estate, but I am also able to be proactive and foresee what could arise before you get to the closing as well.” Brenda recently retired from her settlement and closing position but considers herself blessed to be able to assist the people of Fauquier and the neighboring areas with all of their other real estate needs.

“I have to make a living and I am blessed that people allow me to assist them, but their happiness is the biggest goal I have. It’s also the most fun! There is nothing like witnessing a first-time homebuyer receiving the keys for their very first home.” And she is patient with her clients, and will spend as much time as necessary in finding the right home. “If you want to see 500 houses before you decide on a home, I’m not going to push you to choose a house. I never want to pressure anyone into something that doesn’t feel right,” she said.

While her expertise is real estate, Brenda never shies away from being there to lend a helping hand. “If you just want to talk, maybe not even about real estate, I’m here. I want to help you get what you want. I love serving the people of the community,” Brenda said.

For Brenda, serving is a huge reason why she does what she does. When she’s not working with real estate clients, you can find her out and about in the community. In the past, she has worked as a literacy volunteer. Currently, you can find her volunteering at the Marshall Fire Department as well as serving as the Treasurer and a Board Member on the board for the Fauquier County Fair.

“I love to get out in the community and serve. It all just goes back to making sure that the people I’m helping are happy. When I was growing up, my parents always told me that the best way to be a good person is to give, so they instilled this passion to serve in me at a young age. Growing up in Marshall, my brother and I had a lawn mowing business. Sure, we were getting paid a little bit for it, but really it was our way of being able to help people in the community.”

Brenda feels extremely fortunate to be part of the community. “It’s so nice being able to feel at home wherever I go. It’s something that I want everybody to feel in the community. I am so blessed, with everyone here at Long and Foster, my clients, my friends and family, my work associates, and my husband. I could say thank you to everyone thousands of times a day and wouldn’t be able to thank everybody enough.”

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