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Battlefield High School Bobcats prepare for final fundraising event

By Laura Gilbert, Maheen Qureshi, and Maggie Ryan

This year Battlefield is taking part in Mini-THON. Mini-THON is a year long fundraiser, sponsored by the Four Diamonds foundation, used to raise money for pediatric cancer research. The actual event, taking place on April 20, is a celebration, used to fundraise for more money and celebrate how much the school has raised overall. The idea to implement this at Battlefield came from one of the student chairs for the event, junior Lauren Hillig. She says, “I was on a college tour at Penn State over the summer, and they mentioned their Thon program, and I found it was something that really stood out to me. From there I emailed Ms. Starkey and we made a presentation, went to Mr. Ferrera, and as soon as I started talking about it, he was on board.” Penn State’s THON event is a huge, worthwhile experience that students actively take part in.

According to, Penn State first started this dance marathon in 1973. It lasted for thirty hours and raised 2,000 plus dollars. Even though this is Battlefield’s first Mini-THON ever, every Bobcat participating has high expectations, and is eagerly awaiting the fast approaching date.

The theme for Mini-THON is “Not all superheros wear capes.” Another student chair, junior Victoria Witmer commented more on the theme: “We felt like this theme fit the event really well, because these kids are struggling in fighting cancer and even the small things can help. It’s showing that we’re trying to be superheroes for the kids, we’re trying to help save them.”  

Mini-THON is such a huge event, meaning that a lot of work goes into the planning and execution of the event. However, Mini-THON is unique in that its largely student run. Ms. Maula, one of the teachers overseeing the event, says, “I’m a Penn Stater, and at Penn State I was involved in the dance marathon there and the dance marathon at Penn State is the largest student run philanthropy in the entire world. There are no adults who are involved, everything is student decisions, student planned, student everything. So we really want for the kids here who are involved on committees to also represent what the structure of Thon is at Penn State here at our school.” At Battlefield, teachers provide assistance in making Mini-THON successful, but students do take on strong leadership roles that ultimately have a major impact on the event. For example, as part of the preparation for the event, students helped come up with fundraising ideas so that Battlefield would be able to best help Four Diamonds.       

Battlefield High school’s first ever Mini-THON will take place on Friday, April 20. This will be an overnight event which will begin at 8 p.m. and end at 8 a.m. All students registered as dancers, as well as students who are a part of SALC, are required to participate in Mini-THON for the entire 12 hours. All other BHS students are encouraged to stay as long as they would like, as long as they have a note of permission from a parent. People taking part in Mini-THON who are not students at BHS are required to leave at 11 p.m. The majority of the event will be located in Battlefield’s gym but many activities will also be held in classrooms during the course of Mini-THON. Mr. White, who is in charge of security during the event, stated, “The gym is primarily going to be for a lot of dancing. We’ll have some activities there too, but in different classrooms, locations, they’ll have different activities and games.”

In order to participate students must pay $15 during registration. Students can get involved simply by going to the Battlefield website (, clicking on Our School, Student Activities, Clubs and Activities, and then Bobcat Mini-THON. All proceeds fundraised during Mini-THON will go to Four Diamonds which is a cancer treatment and research center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Four Diamonds mission is to conquer childhood cancer by helping children and their families through superior care, comprehensive support, and innovative research. With this year being Mini-THON’s first year at BHS, Ms. Starkey says, “We do hope this event will happen annually. I tried to encourage all parties involved, and all the adults, and I think we are on the same page in that we hope students will see some successes but also be able to reflect and see where we can improve for the event next year.” Be sure to come out to Mini-THON on April 20th to raise money to help conquer childhood cancer.

About the Authors:

Maheen is a junior at Battlefield. She is the president of International Club and an active volunteer in the community. She hopes to pursue journalism in the future

Maggie is a senior at Battlefield. She is on the Varsity Lacrosse Team. She hopes to attend Radford University to study fashion or interior design

Laura Gilbert is a junior at Battlefield. She is on the Varsity Field Hockey team and is a member of the Math Honor Society.


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