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Warrenton Letter Carrier, Brianna Behrmann

Every morning around 10 a.m., a friendly face pops in the door at our office on Culpeper Street and inquires, “Got anything for me?” It’s Brianna Behrmann, the letter carrier from the Post Office. I’m sure that everyone else in Old Town feels the same way; she’s a breath of fresh air. Always positive and outgoing, sometimes she might chat for a second as she drops our mail and cheerfully goes along her route. Wanting to get to know her a little better, I sat down with her for an interview. 

What do you like most about your job?  Well, I’m definitely active! This is the only all-walking route that Warrenton has, and I do about 10 miles a day on average. I’ve worn the fitbit and counted the steps, and around Christmastime I’ll do anything from 12 -15 miles a day. 

How long have you been working for the post office? What did you do before that? I’ve been working for the post office for about four years now. Before that I worked for Public Partnership LLC through the state department of medical services, taking care of an autistic patient. It was like adult day care, keeping him busy and active in his mind. After my daughter started school, I started looking to branch out. I needed something where I could grow so I could move out on my own with my daughter. I looked for something bigger and better and found the post office, which paid well, so I applied and was hired. 

Where do you live? I live just outside of Culpeper.

How to you carry all that mail? Carefully! I have my minivan that we have in town for mail delivery. The mail comes in trays in order for delivery, our magazines are in order and the letters are in order, and then there’s the parcels. I know my route well enough, I know what to grab from where, so I get my satchel, and I drive to each point and walk the section. Except for Main Street; I put that in the buggy. I’ve got a big buggy with six bags on it and I do all of Main Street in one go. 

How do you deal with the weather? I don’t mind the rain. Torrential downpours are a little different, but I don’t mind the rain. Sunshine’s great, and I don’t mind the heat because I did live in Houston for a time, so it doesn’t bother me. Snow… I’m not a big snow fan. I like looking at it, it’s pretty, but working in it — I’ll tell you what, that’s a bummer. Regular cold’s not so bad. I wear lots of layers. I put on about five shirts and then my double thick jacket on top of it. Once I get moving, I get warm and I start taking layers off, and people look at me like I’m crazy. But I’m hot underneath.

Do you ever encounter dogs that are not friendly? I like dogs, I like animals. I’m really happy with Warrenton, it’s so dog-friendly. The dogs like me, they come up and see me. A few of them that are at residences though, it’s not so much they’re not friendly, it’s just that it’s their territory. One dog, he listens to me, he goes and he sits and he waits while I go do the mail, but he gives every other carrier a problem. But I’ve had to spray him with my dog spray before because he wouldn’t back down. But he’s well behaved now, he’s learned.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? I’ve done everything from taekwondo to crochet…I try lots of new hobbies all the time. I figure, I don’t know if I’m going to like something till I try it. I like outdoor sports too, like fishing, swimming, and bow hunting. I also like video games, reading, and writing. I write some poetry. I like yard work, so I’ll do that at home. I like to do a million different things. I’m a big music lover; I played the French horn for many years, and I still have it and bring it out occasionally. My daughter plays the piano, so I’d like to do a duet with her this Christmas. 

Tell me about working at the Post Office.
I like it. Everybody’s really friendly there. Sometimes we do some things outside of work together. During Christmastime, sometimes we’ll go get breakfast together, because we’re all there working early. There are a few retired military guys there, and since I was raised in a military family, we get along well. They have a good sense of humor. ϖ

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