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A new beginning grows into a life purpose for Mark and Kim Jenkins

In 2009, Mark and Kim Jenkins were spending multiple hours a day commuting into Northern Virginia from Fauquier County for their jobs. When life threw a few curveballs their way, something had to change. With Kim’s background in finance and Mark’s background in roofing and remodeling as a subcontractor, it seemed natural to embark on a journey of their own. After taking a leap of faith, Genesis Home Improvement was established in 2014.

Genesis Home Improvement offers customized home improvement services, remodeling, insurance restoration, and more. They pride themselves on transparency and honest work. They even have a portal that customers can log into at any point during their project and see the status and everything that’s going on.

“I was back into banking and we were running the business out of our house,” Kim said. Fast forward just one year and Genesis had so much business the Jenkins couldn’t manage it all on their own. After hiring their first part-time employee and continuing to grow the business, they decided it was time to move operations out of their home and into a leased space.

After three years in Remington, they discovered that the Ritchie Millwork building was for sale. “After a lot of prayer and things aligning, it worked out and we were able to purchase it,” Kim said.

These days, the team has grown to 22 employees. “Our goal is for people to come here and to enjoy where they work. We all work very hard, but we’re all a big family,” Kim said. “The business was formed out of a need and it continued to form. The mission came out of working together.”

One aspect of their mission that has remained true and constant is their drive to create a carpentry trade program. “I was making the transition from my banking career to Genesis full time and everything kept pushing me in this direction,” Kim said. “I was in Leadership Fauquier and Mark and I were both Sunday school teachers and very involved in the youth group. A lot of the kids didn’t know what they were going to do after high school.”

Kim and Mark have seen the need for the program in the community, but it also hits very close to home. “I have high schoolers, so I’ve watched kids graduate who don’t know where to go,” Kim said. “Our oldest son is a hands-on person. I walked into his bedroom when he was ten and he was taking apart his computer and he put it right back together the same way. If I forced him to get an associate’s degree, I’d be wasting my money and his time because that’s just not who he is, and that’s okay.”

For years, Mark and Kim have been working with Lord Fairfax Community College and Fauquier County Public Schools to establish the carpentry trade program. “It’s a craft, you truly have to be talented,” Kim said. “We want to highlight that and revitalize the future of trades in our county.” The program would be housed at their facility in the Ritchie Millwork building. They’ll be hosting a Revitalize the Carpentry Trade open house in November at their new location.

One of the things Kim hopes to get across in the establishment of this trade program is that there’s so much room for leadership growth. “Some kids get out of high school and don’t have that desire, but end up having the desire to lead as they get into their 30s,” she said.

If it hasn’t come across yet, Mark and Kim Jenkins are extremely passionate about their community. Ninety percent of their business is in Fauquier and Culpeper. “It’s neat to grow relationships with people and become parts of different communities,” Kim said. “If we’re doing a new roof or siding on a house, we get to see the end product all the time because we live in the community we’re working in. Trust goes a long way, too. We’re not the cheapest or the most expensive option, but people know they’re going to get an honest job.” Their employees truly take pride in serving the community they live in.

In addition to serving the community through their work, Kim and Mark feel blessed to be able to give back to the community as sponsors for sports teams and different events. “We’re right here in the community, so we can see the people who are impacted by it,” Kim said.

To get involved with the Revitalize the Carpentry trade open house, companies, community leaders or supporters should contact Kim Jenkins via phone or email, 540-404-8558 or

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