Get to Know Warrenton Police Department’s Lieutenant Alvaro Moran

Story and photos by Lindsay Hogeboom

“I think that [working in service] was something I always wanted to do as a little kid,” says Alvaro Moran, lieutenant of Support Services Bureau for the Warrenton Police Department. “I came from the Marine Corps, and some of the same values that I learned there go hand-in-hand with law enforcement. In the Marine Corps, it was honor, courage, and commitment, to name a few, and I feel that’s the case in law enforcement as well.”

Moran grew up in the Northern Virginia area and has been with the Warrenton Police Department for 14 years. In 2015, Moran moved to Warrenton, and says he enjoys calling the town home and working within his community. “Warrenton is very much home to me, so I take the safety of the town very seriously. It’s a top priority for me,” he says. “[I try] to influence change out in the community and impact the lives of our citizens for the better through community policing [and] transparency.”

As lieutenant of the Support Services Bureau, Moran provides support for the criminal investigations division, the training coordinator, and the property and evidence officer. “Mine is more of an administrative position, so it entails a lot of paperwork,” he says. Some of his duties include managing fleet services, weapons inspections, calibrating the preliminary breath tests, conducting audits, coordinating training, and more. “I do occasionally cover patrol, which I very much enjoy,” says Moran. “I also do special events, which takes a lot of time and coordinating other details as well. Putting the plan together, getting the personnel, coordinating with public works, for example — they come out if there are street closures.” With the criminal investigations division, Moran assists with “managing their caseload, going over cases, and any follow-ups that need to be done.” Additionally, he works closely with the training coordinator to help facilitate annual trainings: “Things like use of force, taser, baton, and radar,” he explains.

An important aspect of the job, according to Moran, is earning the trust of community members. “I think we have a great community here, and their support, I see it everywhere, which is great,” he says. “I’m very fortunate to work in town because of that. We do have a lot of support from citizens, and I’m very thankful for that.”

Outside of work, Moran enjoys spending time with his two sons — Christian and Jameson — working out, and watching sports. “I like physical fitness, so I go to the gym and try to keep in shape — not only because of the job, but for my health as well,” he says. “And I like to watch sports.” When asked which team he supports, he replies, “Unfortunately, the Washington Football Team. I’ve rooted for them ever since I was a kid, and it’s difficult at times.”

Moran also says he enjoys hanging out in downtown Warrenton, both on his own time and during work hours. The appeal of Old Town Warrenton is “that small town feel,” he says. “It’s quiet, [and] it’s a family-oriented community. The special events that we put on, I enjoy working those because you do meet a lot of people.”

That same character carries through to the police department, Moran explains. “This agency, we’re smaller,” he says. “We all know each other. I like to think of it as a family unit here as well. The chief has done great things, and is very much engaged with the community. We have good officers here. It makes it enjoyable coming to work, knowing that you have good people.”

“I’m very proud of the department,” says Moran. “I’ve been here 14 years…and I have no intentions of going anywhere. This is where I want to be. I really hope to make it to retirement. I do love the town. I enjoy it here.”

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