“Happy Day Pizza” Connects Neighbors in a Warrenton Neighborhood

Danelle Shugart and her family have found a way to bond with their Warrenton neighbors during lockdown and beyond: Happy Day Pizza.

Each Friday, Danelle and her family pick a neighbor and surprise them with a large pizza.

It’s a way to give back, make people happy and connect with others. It’s given us a great way to feel connected with our friends and neighbors while maintaining physical distance. Many times we have gotten responses like “this is perfect, I didn’t have the energy to think about dinner”  or “this made our day”.  Several people have said that they planned to turn it around and give forward.

It’s fun for us, a great learning experience for our daughter, and a wonderful way to feel connected in a time when we feel isolated.

–Danelle Shugart

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  1. As a recipient of “Happy Pizza Day” I can attest to what an amazing gift this is. But not nearly as great of a gift as calling Dannelle the family I got to choose! It really is the little things we do in our own small worlds that make a difference.

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