The Rooms Up There offer luxurious overnight accommodations.

The perfect adjective for accommodations, events, and design inspiration that can be found in Marshall’s 8393 West Main

By Debbie Eisele

In June, I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel J. Moore. Daniel is the owner of Daniel J. Moore Design and is also the co-owner, along with Diana Campagna, of The Drawing Room and The Rooms Up There. These businesses are located, as the name suggests, at 8393 West Main Street in Marshall. Additionally, Campagna and Moore are co-owners of the parent company 8393 WEST MAIN. The businesses operate in one amazing location. Each has a separate entrance, yet are tied together by more than physical proximity.

As I walked up to enter the building, I was struck with how beautiful it  was. ‘Aged beauty’ was the first thing that came to mind. Renovated in a manner that inherently maintains charm and character, the facade developed through time. Private parking in the back, coupled with the ambience of a front entrance right on Main Street, combined with side and rear entrances, entice visitors to come inside.

The Drawing Room at 8393

Daniel started with a tour of of The Drawing Room. ‘Astonishing’ is the word I would use to describe this space. It is located in the back portion of the building, which dates back to the 1970s.

The chandeliers, mirrors, and floors provide an elegance that pays homage to the past, yet are modern in an eclectic manner that seamlessly melds the eras together. The beautiful wood floor is finished with a Belgian product called WOCO, and features a solid-oil finish. An antique lye removes any of the red in the wood and the results are stunning. Daniel explained, “The floors may be spot treated and that can be done without the complexity of refinishing the entire floor.” Beautiful, yet simple. I must say I enjoy that type of functionality.

The space itself is one large, open room and will accommodate up to 75 people without requiring a special permit. The events that take place at the facility include the use of the greenhouse as well as a large catering space. The greenhouse is airy, spacious, and strung with beautiful lights to offer star-like twinkling for evening events. This space is often used for cocktail hour, and will accommodate 50 guests.

Daniel J Moore Tara Jelenic Photography

The Rooms Up There

Rooms for overnight stays are situated in a portion of the building that was once part of the storehouse and a breezeway that connected the space with yet another edifice.The rooms offer guests a luxurious, quiet, and private atmosphere. According to Moore, this portion of the building was constructed circa 1805 and featured gabled roofs, one of which remains hidden away inside the building today.

Overnight guests are provided an entry code 24 hours prior to their arrival. This code allows them access to the overnight accommodations through a very private, serene courtyard. Unlike normal hotels and inns, there is no front desk, nor anyone to greet them. Privacy and intimacy are two of the crucial components The Rooms Up There offer.

Upon entering the space, guests will be greeted with a personalized envelope on the console table with a key to their room, and the main entry door will lock automatically behind them. The hallway decor is a mix of the old, the natural, and the new, blending to create a cozy, intimate setting.

There are three rooms to select from, all well-appointed with linens designed and woven in Italy and window shades constructed in the U.S. The windows feature tiers of decor: a privacy shade layered with a seagrass shade and blackout drapery. Overnight visitors can adjust the natural lighting their room to just the right amount.

The beds are the best on the market and will be a delight for all who sleep here. Visitors will almost wish they could stay here forever. Simple, effective room amenities include alarm clocks with dimmable LED lights and USB outlets on top for convenience and ease of use. Wall outlets also provide a surge protector as well as USB outlets.

The bathrooms offer modern amenities that incorporate the rooms’ interior design, yet provide an elegance that pays homage to the original structure and design elements of the building. Other amenities include a common-use room, which provides an intimate, comfortable gathering space to converse or enjoy a complimentary hot or cold beverage and snack.

All the items, such as the furniture, mirrors, and artwork, are all available to order through Daniel J Moore Design’s showroom, located downstairs and accessible through the front entrance of the building.

The rooms are named Storehouse One, Storehouse Two, and The Counting Room. Both the Storehouse rooms feature an equestrian photograph and elegant decor. The Counting Room boasts a photograph of Longhorn cattle, since the room was once used as the space from which to count the heads of cattle that would traverse along Main Street. All photos were taken by local photographer, Tara Jelenic, and are available for purchase as well.

Additionally, guests may enjoy a breakfast, included with their stay, at the nearby Red Truck Bakery. The only item that is not included in the price, and the only upgrade available for purchase, is fresh flowers. Gathered Stems, a florist located in Marshall, allows patrons to order an arrangement at the time of reservation so when they arrive, a bedside arrangement will be in their room.

All available rooms are king-size suites, well-appointed, and have the maximum occupancy of two adults per room. The Rooms Up There will hold a maximum of 6 guests—18 years of age or older—which really indicates how private the setting is. Rooms may be booked on and Expedia.

Daniel J. Moore Designs Tara Jelenic Photography

Daniel J Moore Designs

Daniel J Moore Designs provides interior design clients a full range of options to suit all budgets. He also provides a space for shoppers to peruse a wide variety of artwork from regional artists, and home accessories, such as candles, vases, decorative boxes, throws, and pillows. All items are available for purchase. Shoppers will delight in the items that make perfect gifts for any occasion. Even limited edition items are available.

The space is beautiful, inviting, and full of inspirational ideas for any home or business. For more information on The Rooms Up There visit; for Daniel J Moore Designs visit; and for The Drawing Room visit

The Drawing Room Packages:

All this information is available on

Six-hour rentals available seven days per week. Packages accommodate up to 75 guests and some include overnight accommodations. Here are the available packages, but for more information contact The Drawing Room directly.

GALLOP: Includes the use of

  • The Drawing Room
  • The Greenhouse
  • Catering Prep Space
  • 3 Private Guest Suites
  • Day-of Event Coordinator

CANTER: Includes the use of

  • The Drawing Room
  • The Greenhouse
  • Catering Prep Space
  • Day-of Coordinator

TROT: Includes the use of

  • The Drawing Room
  • The Greenhouse
  • Catering Prep Space

All photos by Tara Jelenic Photography

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