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At Mane Masters, it’s not just a haircut. It’s an experience.

Photos by Christine Craddock

When it comes to personal style, nothing is more individual than one’s hair.  Who doesn’t love the feeling you get when you’re thrilled with your new haircut (even if it’s followed by a moment of panic when you wonder if you can replicate it tomorrow). Of course it can take time to find a salon where you feel comfortable, and a stylist who understands your style and ability (or not) to do your hair at home.  Sometimes it’s an exercise in trial and error. And while we tend to see more hair magazines and commercials directed at women, men are just as particular when it comes to their ‘do. (And these days, even their quaffed beards. But more on that later!)

Haymarket lucked out when Tyrone and Candie Davis opened the town’s newest shop, Mane Masters Barbershop and Blowout Studio on Costello Way.  If a barbershop and a high-end salon had a stylish baby, it would look just like Mane Masters. The décor is that of a chic, yet comfortable living room and the waiting area tempts clients with cookies, a coffee bar, bottled water, and a chess board begging to be played. And let’s not forget the sincerely warm greeting you get as you walk through the door – it’s like you’re family.

Mane Masters has long been a dream of Tyrone and Candie’s.  Five years ago, the couple mapped out a plan that started with Tyrone getting his license, followed by Candie getting hers so they could open a unisex shop where everyone could get elevated service and style and feel welcomed and comfortable.  In addition to his training, Tyrone’s previous career in restaurant management gave him an excellent foundation in business and particularly customer service, which he keeps top of mind running Mane Masters. Candie studied at the Paul Mitchell school in Woodbridge and while she planned on having her own chair right after graduation, she fell in love with teaching and did so for years. Their combined experience made the perfect recipe for a good business.

The concept came from their time working together in a barbershop where they learned the nuances of that particular business.  Barbershops are more than just a place to get a haircut. They are also a cultural experience; historically male-dominated places where men hang out  and get to know everyone – barbers and clients alike. And while Candie had a chair in the barbershop, she knew that some of her female clients didn’t feel as comfortable as she wanted them to be. Thus the Davises decided to create a place where men, women, and kids could come and have that relaxed, comfortable barbershop experience at an elevated level. The result is a unisex barbershop and salon where everyone feels included.

And it’s a family affair.  Tyrone and Meeko, their 17-year-old son, currently have the barber chairs, and Candie, along with another stylist, work on the salon side.  Overseeing the entire operation is Caesar, the family schnauzer, who greets each customer with glee.

Haymarket is no stranger to salons and barbershops, so why did the Davises choose to land here? They loved the feel of Haymarket, and recognized the need for a shop like theirs. There simply isn’t a barbershop or salon that offers the same diverse, yet inclusive services. Did they choose wisely? It certainly looks it.  At times they have entire families, mom, dad, teens and kids who book at the same time and hang out while they each have their turn in the chair.

“We are so grateful to be part of the Haymarket community.  We’ve been warmly welcomed and people in town are always referring customers to us,” Candie said.  “The vibe has been superb, very welcoming,” Tyrone added.

“We are so grateful to be part of the Haymarket community.  We’ve been warmly welcomed and people in town are always referring customers to us,” Candie said.  “The vibe has been superb, very welcoming,” Tyrone added.

But back to the beards, the trendy, trendy beards.

On the menu at Mane Masters you’ll see a variety of services, including several just for beards. Tyrone, Candie and Meeko are on top of trends in this department, and have many customers who come in just to have their beards shaped and expertly cared for.  

As for what’s next, Tyrone has been fielding questions from kids interested in becoming barbers, (he’d love to offer apprenticeships down the road), and Candie has been toying with the idea of adding another salon component, maybe a nail technician or a lash specialist, or both.  

One thing is clear though, with the success they’ve seen in the past six months alone, there’s no doubt Mane Masters will be growing.  

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  1. Great article on Mane Masters which nailed the type of service and character Candie and Tyrone provide. It’s a welcomed business for our community and they are family. Congratulations to them and we wish the the best!

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