Siggi’s Offers Quality and Friendliness

Siggi’s Men’s Grooming Place was designed with thoughtful details and community appeal

When you’re a regular at Siggi’s Men’s Grooming Place, you know to expect not just a great haircut but also a warm greeting from bubbly shop owner Siggi Jamison and her team. “We’re just huggy people,” she says, laughing, of her crew of three barber-stylists, a nail technician, and a masseuse. “People always come in and ask, ‘Where’s my hug?’”

Siggi’s Men’s Grooming Place has earned a solid reputation for its friendly staff and outstanding service. And in her new shop in Warrenton Plaza, Siggi has worked hard to create an appealing gathering place with guy-friendly décor, a coffee bar, and clever personal touches like barber stations fashioned from tool chests.

“We have guys come in and sit and shoot the breeze with us,” she says, “and it’s fabulous. I just love it.

Siggi’s Men’s Grooming Place offers haircuts, straight razor shaves, massage therapy, hand and foot care, and even facials. “Siggi’s is about the people who come in here, giving them a place to relax,” she says. “There are so many pampering services for women. I used to wonder, why is there not something here in our cozy little town of Warrenton? I wanted to create a place for men to be pampered.”

“I want for my guys to feel like: ‘I just had an hour of vacation. This was one hour of my time where I forgot work, where I forgot responsibilities, where I got to relax.’”

Siggi began studying cosmetology in 1980. “We had to study for three years, which is 6,000 hours,” she remembers. Siggi worked for some time in Germany, then came to the United States in 1988 with her then-husband, who was in the military. “We traveled to quite a few places, from Kentucky all the way down to Georgia and over to California,” she says.

In California, Siggi managed 12 barbershops for various military bases. “These barbershops were for the soldiers at the bases who came in and got their military haircut every few weeks,” Siggi explains. “Each individual branch of the service carries it a little bit differently: a high and tight shave for the Marines, a little longer for the Army men, but tapered on the sides and back, and then the Navy and Air Force haircuts are longer and blocked around the ears.”

“That was a stressful job,” Siggi says, shaking her head. “I would never do it again. I am not work-shy, but that was 14-15 hours working every day. Imagine being so busy that you forget your husband’s birthday!” She clucks her tongue.

After a stint in Georgia, the military brought Siggi and her husband to Virginia in 1993; they moved to Warrenton in 1998. “I grew up on the outskirts of a city called Schweinfurt,” Siggi explains, “and I was always drawn to smaller towns, smaller communities where people get to know each other. To me, Warrenton has a homey feeling, and Virginia is so beautiful. I just love the mountains.” Siggi also loves Fauquier’s “horse factor”; she has been an equestrian for 33 years.

“I can go and visit a bigger city, but living in a bigger city was just not for me,” Siggi says. “Warrenton just had that ‘it’ factor for me. It is a smaller community where people gather and get together, with the Old Town, the festivals – it was just home to me.”   

In 2003, Siggi opened Siggi’s Sports Barbershop on Main Street. After a year, she moved the barbershop to Broadview Avenue. Siggi’s Barbershop operated in that location for 13 years, until the owners sold the building.

The sale was a blow for Siggi. “Honestly, for three days I was crying,” she says. “I thought of going to work for somebody else, but then my husband took me in his arms and he said, ‘Honey, you cannot work for anybody else. People come to you because of Siggi. We need to find another shop for you.’”

Siggi’s eyes brighten remembering it. “So then he said I have been crying, but now it’s time to go to work. I told a friend of mine who was in real estate, ‘You’ve got to help me! I’ve got to find something!’ And after searching, we found a spot in Warrenton Plaza.”

“The owner, Nick, was so gracious,” Siggi remembers. “At the end of the plaza, he had a small shop where I worked out of for a couple of months until we had the current location finished and we could move over there.”

Siggi had taken interior architectural design courses in Germany; now, she relished the chance to design a shop from the ground up. “That’s when my wheels were turning, and I was thinking, what I was going to do? I got suggestions from my guys,” she says of her customers. “They said, ‘Siggi, let’s do something for men where we can have a total spa day and shoot the breeze and get a massage and get our nails done and enjoy OUR time.’ And I thought, this is great, we need to do that!”

Siggi also enlisted the help of her husband Michael Jamison, a master carpenter and contractor. Siggi and Michael first met in 2015 in her old barbershop. “Michael was sent by a really dear friend of mine who is also a customer,” says Siggi. Michael had asked his friend where he got his hair cut, as he needed to find someone to trim his hair. And his friend said: “You don’t know of Siggi? You have to go and see Siggi.”

Siggi glows as she remembers meeting Michael: “He walked through the doors, and I thought he was so handsome. We started a conversation, and we had so much in common.” Siggi continues, “And so I asked if he would like to have a cup of coffee sometime to continue this conversation. He came in to the old barbershop two more times, and then he asked,me to go to dinner. He was my customer in January, and in March we were going to dinner,” Siggi laughs.

“We hit it off so beautifully,” she recalls. “I asked in my prayers for somebody who loves God more than me, who I can share my beliefs with, and that was Michael. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. He reached across the table and he asked if I would like to say grace, and as he said grace, I had tears coming down my face because I knew this was the man for me.” The couple married in the fall of the following year.

The next summer, Siggi and Jamison worked on moving the shop. He worked at his contracting and carpentry jobs during the day, then worked on making Siggi’s dream barbershop a reality at night and on weekends. “I kept thanking him for doing this,” Siggi says. Jamison said to her: “Honey, I love you, and this is what I want to do for you. I want for you to have a beautiful place to go to and to work.” Siggi shares, “ If it would not have been for Michael this dream would have not come true. This is something I am going to be grateful for – for the rest of the rest of my life.”

Now that she has begun to settle into her new location, Siggi is making big plans for the future. “My thing is, I want to do more for this town. I love Warrenton and the people who are in this town. I have more visions – I want to have wine tastings and beer tastings on the weekends,” says Siggi, who has been chatting with the ABC. “And why not have artists who can come in and display their art, a musician who comes in on Saturday and plays the guitar?”

Whatever the future holds for Siggi’s, it’s sure to be great. “We’re just happy people in here,” Siggi says. “It’s all about our clients – the quality of haircuts, the friendliness, the care we can give to them. We want them to leave in a better state than when they came in. Customers who come to Siggi’s, they definitely leave happy.”

Siggi’s Men’s Grooming Place

256 Broadview Avenue

Warrenton, VA 20186



Sunday – Monday Closed

Tuesday – Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.


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