Southern Fauquier Spotlight: Entrenched in the Community

Remington native Stanley Heaney, Jr., of The Corner Deli and Century 21 New Millennium Real Estate

“I never really knew I loved Southern Fauquier County so much until I left,” said Stanley Heaney, realtor with Century 21 New Millennium and manager of the Corner Deli in Remington. “I lived in Northern Virginia for four years, and the whole time I was stressed out and couldn’t wait to come back to see the cornfields. There’s no sense of community there — you don’t know your neighbors like you do here, where everybody knows your name. Here, it takes you three hours to buy milk in the grocery store, because you run into everyone you know and have to stop and talk. And then you get stuck behind a tractor on your way home. I love this kind of community.”

“I was born and raised here,” explained Heaney, whose parents moved to Remington and started the Corner Deli in 1988. The restaurant has always been a part of his life, with him starting out as a “greeter” and “helper” as a first grader, and progressing to manager at the age of 16. He is still involved in the family restaurant today, along with his career as a realtor, which, he said, results in 80-hour work weeks.

Growing up in the restaurant business, Heaney believes, prepared him for his career as a realtor in that he grew up learning how to understand, communicate with, and help people. He also learned about — and liked — sales and business. He attended Liberty High School, and then George Mason University where he studied government, international politics, American politics, and business.

Heaney received his real estate license in 2016, and loves selling real estate in our area. “I just love Fauquier County,” he explained. “You’re an hour away from the water, an hour away from the mountains, and you’re right here in wine country. I love driving the back roads and showing clients the rural areas, and then showing them how close they also are to the stores and the old towns, like Warrenton and Remington.”

As entrenched in the community as he is, Heaney’s client base started out with family, friends, and friends of friends, and has taken off from there. Most of his sales to date have been land and residential properties in the Fauquier and Culpeper area, and the rural areas surrounding it.

“This is the perfect job for me,” Heaney explained. “I’ve seen a lot of really cool, unique properties while helping people search for their dream homes. I do a lot of land sales in the rural areas, and I get to go out in jeans and boots and walk the property and scope out homesites. It’s not just a desk job.”

What does Heaney see in the future for his beloved Southern Fauquier County? “I see more growth coming,” he acknowledged. “There are cornfields disappearing, which is sad, but we are also seeing more services and infrastructure that were needed coming down here. We have more business, which brings more jobs, which is good. I’d like to see a balance, and I think we can do that. The southern end of the county has always had an agricultural tradition, and I think we’ll keep that. One of the biggest things we’ve got going for us is the agritourism with the wineries, which protect the land.”

“I think in the next few years you’ll see a lot of real estate movement,” Heaney said. “Baby Boomers are going to be retiring and downsizing, maybe moving out of the area to the mountains or the beach, and Millennials are going to be buying houses and raising their families here. Residents of Northern Virginia may move out this way to retire in the more peaceful and rural environment. Business will be changing hands too, as the reins are passed to the next generations. So there will be a lot of movement, but not necessarily a lot more development. It’s a very interesting time for the Commonwealth; Northern Virginia is being developed at a breakneck speed, but around here we’re staying pretty steady.”

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