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Warrenton Center Cleaners handles its clothing and customers with care        

Warrenton Center Cleaners (WCC) has been selected as the best dry cleaning service in town for the seventh consecutive year, and its continued success comes down to its staff’s attentiveness to both clothing and customers. “We know exactly what the customer wants,” said owner Umsuk Namgoong. “When we receive clothes, we clean them as though they belong to our own family. So we take very good care of our customers.”

Functioning more as a one-stop center than a straight-up dry cleaning company, WCC offers a range of services that include laundering, alterations, garment preservation, leather shoe repair, and the cleaning of special items such as wedding dresses and fine rugs. And with same-day service available, WCC is also equipped for rush orders. “We can handle emergencies too—and at no extra charge,” Namgoong added.

While WCC is prepared for any clothing contingency, their well-organized team is also recognized for being meticulous in all stages of service. “We make sure to triple-check each item before we put it on the conveyer so that there are never any problems,” Namgoong explained. “Our customers tell us that they’re really happy because they don’t have to worry about anything.” This includes missing buttons, shrunken wools, steam wrinkles, or other problems common to dry cleaning.

An organic cleaning process is yet another feature which distinguishes the center and exemplifies its conscientious style. With 29 years in the business, Namgoong is knowledgeable of and responsive to EPA regulations concerning dry cleaning, and he avoids the use of any chemicals that are harmful to garments and those who wear them. This is why he switched to a silicone- based solution, which is essentially liquefied sand, the same sand found on beaches. This liquid silicone is also the base ingredient for many everyday products such as shampoos, lotions, and makeup. WCC is the only dry cleaner in Warrenton that uses this method. Namgoong pointed out that this green approach is not only responsible; it is also practical: “There are no chemical smells, and the clothes have a longer life.”

Though Namgoong has learned from practice and experience how to expand a business and excel in a competitive industry, he also intuitively understands the importance of caring for one’s employees and the reciprocal effect of respecting every person who walks through the front door. “I’m really proud of my crews,” he said of his diligent and dedicated staff. “We have 10 people working together, and it’s like a family business. I have one employee who has been with me for over 25 years.” Namgoong is equally appreciative of his customers, 80 percent of whom are regular visitors to the center, an unusually high patronage for the dry cleaning trade. “I have customers that come from as far as Middleburg,” he gratefully remarked.

Looking ahead, Namgoong simply strives to maintain the success of his business through sound practices and exceptional care. “I am going to continue to provide the best service I can for our customers,” he contended. And that kind of treatment is truly special.

Warrenton Center Cleaners is located at 251 West Lee Highway. For more information about this business, please call 540-349-3141.

Maria Massaro
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Maria Massaro is a Warrenton resident and freelance writer who has worked as a community counselor in Fauquier County since 2008. She is the founder of Aegis Counseling and Consulting and an advocate for individuals and families affected by mental illness. For more information, please visit www.aegiscac.com or call 540-316-8557.

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