Student Nominations for Service Academies Announced

Congratulations to local students who received the 2018 Garrett Nomination to attend service academies

In February, Congressman Tom Garrett (R-Scottsville) announced the 2018 student nominees from the Fifth Congressional District to attend U.S. Service Academies. Garrett is a U.S. Army Veteran and during the announcement stated: “These future leaders of America have shown outstanding qualities in the classroom, but also in the community. Those who attend these academies go on to become leaders not only in the military but in a whole host of different fields. In even applying to attend, they have expressed a willingness to serve and sacrifice for their country, and for that, they have my deepest admiration. These young men and women are a great example of why we have hope for the future of our great country. I am proud to uphold this tradition and applaud them for their commitment to our nation.” (source:

Each year many young adults pursue their interest in attending one of these exemplary academies. To attend, students must obtain a nomination from an authorized source, such as a member of Congress. This year, several local students received this honor by Congressman Garrett. Our magazine staff and community applaud these young individuals and wish them well and much success in all future endeavours.



Stephen Robert DeCoster

United States Air Force Academy

Parents: Darrin DeCoster and Laura DeCoster.



David Alan Haiss

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Parents: Seana Reece, Rick Reece and Michael Haiss.


Jared Jaymes Johnson

United States Air Force and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Parents: Bruce Johnson and Maria Johnson.


Joseph Dillon Moore

United States Air Force Academy and the United States Military Academy

Parents: Robert Heather and Tonja Heather.



Justin Dean Jones

United States Naval and U.S. Air Force Academy

Parents: Bobby Jones and Jamye Jones.


Randall William Alexander West

United States Naval Academy

Parents: Randall West and Roberta West.


To view a complete list of all individuals nominated this year visit the website.


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