The Art of Kevin Scott Jacobs

Details abound in every creation

Kevin Scott Jacobs, an artist and fireman, grew up in Remington and today still resides in Fauquier County. He has dedicated himself to public safety and devoted his time to his passion — art. His commitment to fire and rescue is ever-present in almost every piece of art he creates.

“I have been drawing and creating art for as long as I can remember,” said Kevin. Artistic influence came from two directions during his childhood: his mother, and comic book artists. “My mom was such an inspiration to me. When I was young, I would watch as she drew and sketched. And I grew up copying the images I would see in the pages of comic books.”

Although while he was growing up, Kevin thought he wanted to pursue art professionally, life led him in two directions, to both public service and art. He now pursues his art in his free time and has enjoyed following both his passions.

Kevin was not alone on his artistic journey, he was fortunate to have mentors along the way. “Loudoun County artist Dick Kramer, who specializes in military and police related art, has helped me over the years to improve my pencil work,” he shared. “Also, South Carolina artist Dru Blair taught me how to airbrush (he is one of the top photorealism artists in the world). And in the last four to five years, I have been mentored by artist Noah Elias. He has taught me a great deal about finding myself and the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the art business.” Kevin recognized that his biggest supporters were his family and friends. “The Fire and Rescue personnel have been extremely supportive and encourage me to produce my art.”

Although Kevin initially specialized in fire trucks, he has begun to branch out. Recently, he has explored wildlife as new subject matter, which has resulted in the creation of images with captivating details. Kevin has photographed waterfowl and has visited a zoo which housed Gray Wolves in order to work on his pieces and to capture every nuance in the wildlife images he creates.

Kevin is a versatile artist; his art is created with pencil, color pencil, pen, ink, watercolor, and acrylic paints (his preferred medium). His imagery has been used on t-shirts and for Fire and Rescue apparatus.

Kevin’s creations inspire art enthusiasts as well as other artists. “Art is something I really enjoy and I want other people to enjoy it as well,” he shared. “I really hope to inspire other artists like myself, to show them it is possible to make a living at this and that hard work will pay off. Artists need mentors and many struggle financially. I would like to help those who cannot afford art supplies.”

Art is Kevin’s personal escape, a stress reliever. Although his future in the art world is unknown, he knows he wishes to work on a variety of projects: “I would like to work on licensed properties like Star Wars or other movie properties. And I want to own a working studio outside of my home one day.”

Kevin’s talent and commitment to challenge himself is evident in each of his works of art. “I love creating something I have in my head,” Kevin said. “I am self-taught, so when I finish a piece of art, I continue to challenge myself to do better each time I begin and complete a piece.” Nuances are illuminated by every minute detail he has captured and portrayed in his work. And for this public servant, his art reflects the “loves” in his life.

Artist Kevin Jacobs

Some of his work is displayed at the Black Sheep Studios in Remington, but to view more of his art, visit his website or social media accounts.

Instagram @artistkevinscottjacobs

Facebook @artofkevinscottjacobs

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