Welcome to the June 2020 Issue of Haymarket/Gainesville Lifestyle

I’m a big believer in the power of gratitude and with this issue I have many who need to know how grateful I am for them. 

To all the parents who took the time to respond to our surveys, thank you. Your tales of the perils and positives of homeschooling renewed our respect for teachers, for parents for whom homeschooling is the preferred choice, and for you. You deserve a round of applause. 

To all of you who shared stories and photos of your Class of 2020 graduate, thank you. We so wanted to celebrate them and could not have done so without your input. We loved reading about their passions and future pursuits and wish them all the best. 

To the healthcare professionals and realtors who gave us the lowdown on how they’re navigating the new normal, and thus how they’re helping you – their patients and clients – do so too, thank you. Please don’t miss either of those features; they’re a wealth of information.

And last but far from least, I must thank the advertisers that grace these pages. Thanks to them, we are a Haymarket and Gainesville combo issue (but not a Haymarket, Gainesville, Warrenton combo issue)! Thank you so very much for supporting Lifestyle and enabling us to continue serving our local communities. 

Until next month please, stay safe, stay healthy, and if you’re like me, stay home! 




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Susan McCorkindale
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Susan McCorkindale is a mom, autism and mental health advocate, and the editor of Haymarket Lifestyle and Gainesville Lifestyle magazines. She is also the author of two books, "Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl" and "500 Acres and No Place to Hide, More Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl". When not editing, writing, or reading, she enjoys painting furniture and sampling new Chardonnays. Just not at the same time.

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