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Aden Beyene, far right, with fellow SCA members building the sophomore homecoming float

Battlefield High School Student Spotlight: Aden Beyene

Highlighting the effort and success of students at Battlefield

By Camille Owen

Aden Beyene is a dedicated student at Battlefield High School and devoted member of the community. Even though she is just a sophomore, Aden has been elected secretary of the Student Council Association (SCA) and is involved in numerous clubs around Battlefield, including the debate team, Key Club, and National Mathematics Honor Society. She has proven her dedication to the school and community through multiple projects and programs created to help raise money for Battlefield.

Aden energetically says, “The best thing about SCA is just getting to give something back to Battlefield High School, because we are only there for four years and the way I see it, I not only want to make sure that Battlefield leaves an impression on me for the better, but I leave an impression on Battlefield for the better.” Aden continues, “It is nice to know that I have the ability to have an effect on the school culture.”

Besides stepping up in school, Aden is also helping her community through volunteer work. Every summer for the past four years she has helped out at the Haymarket-Gainesville Library with the summer reading program. Aden also volunteers through Battlefield’s Key Club by assisting at outside organizations like VEX Robotics, to help her neighbors and peers. This allows students like Aden to experience different organizations and groups.

Aden believes that Battlefield is a great place because, “Every single day our Battlefield High School students are contributing something to our community and our school, whether on a small scale, just reaching out to their peers at lunchtime, or on a larger scale of organizing events for students or running for student government or whatever it may be.” Through it all, Aden represents her school flawlessly, continuing to make Battlefield High School and the community a better place for everyone.

About the author: Camille Owen is a sophomore at BHS.  She is involved in the debate team, the local Humane Society, and photography programs at school. In her free time she is an avid reader and enjoys science fiction.

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