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Host of the popular podcast, Flushing It Out with Samantha Spittle, she’s all about connecting people.

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Any fellow military brat can relate to the constant moving from place to place. With every new place comes a new routine, new friends, and new relationships. Samantha Spittle is one of those who can relate to the lifestyle. “Every place I moved I was creating relationships and connections,” Spittle said. “I always felt like people were put into my life who had a lot of wisdom to share, and I was eager to learn from their life experiences.” 

After moving around and constantly making new connections, it only made sense that Samantha would find herself in a profession with relationship building at its core. For almost 20 years, Spittle worked as a representative for Mary Kay. “I would go and have these amazing coffees, meetings, and lunches,” Spittle said. “I’d gather all of this insight and then go share it with my friends. I joked that I wished that I could record the conversations and share them.”

Samantha stayed home for several years after having her two children. When she decided it was time to go back to work, “I told my friend, Amelia, that I had an idea for writing a book in which I’d revisit the different people I’ve met throughout my life,” Spittle said. “Everyone would be a different chapter. Under her suggestion, I ended up doing a Be the Change class, a 12-week course for women who want to start their own business. I called it my creative energy bubbling ground. During a break of one of the classes, I told a couple of stories including the one that’s become my signature story.”

Samantha Spittle talks with Dan Moore, owner, The Rooms Up There, in the first of her new tourism videos.

In 2012, Samantha had what we’ll call “the accident.” She vowed to never tell anyone about the day she pooped her pants and to take the secret to her grave. Well, that lasted for about four hours. “After sharing my story with my husband and a few friends, they all started telling me their stories and I felt like it was such a great example of how people hold onto things out of shame and make them much bigger than they really are,” Spittle said.

Once she had shared the story and was past the shame business, an idea started to form. She started appearing on podcasts as a guest and continued to get more comfortable with storytelling. “Cammie Fuller at Old Town Open Book did story slams, so I started doing those and realized it was exactly what I was looking for,” Samantha said. “Standup didn’t feel like the best fit, but this was the perfect hybrid.”

All of her background experience, combined with her signature story, eventually culminated into Flushing It Out, the podcast she launched in the summer of 2019. “I was listening to Conan O’Brien’s podcast on a road trip and I thought, ‘Oh wow, he sits around and talks to people and other people can listen in’ and it just came to me,” Spittle said. “I felt like a podcast was the next right step that would lend itself to whatever I wanted to do after, writing a book, speaking, hosting things with people; whatever it may be, I feel like I’m meant to connect people.”

That’s exactly what Flushing It Out is meant to do. “One of my goals is to help people to feel seen,” Spittle said. “Because I moved around so much, I can say with confidence that we all experience the same feelings, the same emotions, and we all want to feel seen.”

Samantha’s mission is to help people feel connected, safe, and to find the right people to be open and vulnerable with. She believes that every person we meet has wisdom to offer and that by sharing stories, we will all feel more connected to the people around us. 

Don’t expect every podcast episode to be as lighthearted as Samantha’s signature story; frequently she and her guests address far weightier topics and situations that people go through. “By opening up to people, you give people the opportunity to encourage you and influence you, “ Samantha said. “Shame grows in the dark. I’ve had people tell me they’ve been carrying around things so long. When we walk in the light it’s a healthier place to be.”

You can listen to Flushing It Out with Samantha Spittle on flushingitout.com, Spotify, and Apple Music. You can also follow the podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. New episodes air weekly.

Flushing Out: Northern Virginia video series

There’s no grass growing under Samantha Spittle’s feet. The first in her new series of tourism videos, Flushing Out: Fauquier, is available to watch now on YouTube. 

“The focus of the videos is to show how local businesses have adapted during the pandemic so that people looking for new places to go and things to do can discover safe options and give them a try,” said Spittle. “We started with Dan Moore and The Rooms Up There in Marshall, and are eager to partner with other businesses to help travelers keep them top of mind when planning trips.” 

Interested businesses can contact her at samanthaspittle@gmail.com or call 540-230-8566. 

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