Nature’s Gifts for Mothers

Giving flowers on Mother’s Day is a time-honored and special tradition. Fresh flowers, whether cut or potted, are always appreciated by moms. We talked to Melanie Ruiz at Melanie’s Florist in Haymarket who gave us an idea of what is available and popular in flower shops now for Mother’s Day arrangements. The most important thing, she says, is to go for lots of color!


  • Communicate directly with your local flower shop rather than ordering from an online company. You will get better service, and it is easier to communicate what you’d like. They will also be able to recommend the freshest flowers.
  • If you receive a bouquet with the stems in small water pics, put them in water immediately. They will absorb that small amount of water overnight.
  • Choose a vase over a basket for your arrangement. The flowers will last longer; the baskets use an oasis (the green foam block) for arrangements which is much less efficient in delivering water to the flower.
  • If you do receive a basket with an oasis, be sure to keep it wet. Once it dries out once, it will not reabsorb water.
  • The water in a vase should be changed (not just refilled) every 3 days. Every time you change the water cut a small bit off the bottoms of the stems to give the flower a clean opening to absorb the water.
  • Cut flowers should not be in sunlight or around heat.
  • Order your flowers by Monday or Tuesday of the week before mothers day to allow for Saturday delivery. Flower shops in this area will be having a crazy week this year since prom falls on the day before Mother’s Day.
  • Arrangements start at around $35, and the average cost of an arrangement is $75-$90.

Of course there are other possibilities! consider a live plant for the house or garden. Hydrangeas, azaleas, and azalea topiaries are popular for Mothers Day. A perennial for the garden that comes back year after year is always a nice remembrance. Maybe a selection of potted herbs in a basket or a pot? Sometimes the best bouquets are the ones picked by children; take them out into the yard or wildflower fields and let them select what they think is prettiest for Mom!

Melanie’s Florist is a full service flower shop in Haymarket that is family owned and operated. Melanie Ruiz has been working as a designer since 1983, and has owned Melanie’s Florist for 11 years. She runs the shop with her mother and her daughter, who have learned the craft from Melanie herself.




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