What do Moms really want for Mother’s Day?

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One of the most important days in May is, of course, Mother’s Day. Flowers abound, moms are taken out for brunch, and kids’ artwork from school is sure to cover the refrigerator. But what do moms really want as a special treat on that day? Lifestyle asked some local moms and the answers may surprise you. Hint, most probably can’t be bought. You may even consider taking some tips from them for the special moms in your life this Mother’s Day. 

The perfect Mother’s Day gift? A spa day and maid service, but I’ll be happy to spend a relaxing day enjoying time with my family. They could throw in a pedicure for a treat!
Liz Wines

Mother’s Day for me is more about building family memories. I love Mother’s Day not because I am the center of attention. But, rather because it is a day I can enjoy with my family, making fun, lasting memories together. Because, without my dear husband and children we would not be celebrating. 
Sarah Scaring

I don’t need more stuff. I want the cabinets organized and wiped down, I want a letter telling me how I have encouraged you, I want flowers planted in the garden, I want your time to help keep the house neat and tidy, and I want my car cleaned out, please and thank you!
Melissa Duvall

For Mother’s Day, all I really want is to know that my son has absorbed the lessons I’ve shared with him for the last 15 years. To love unconditionally and always be kind. To be patient with himself and learn from his mistakes. To have fun, laugh, be silly, go on adventures and always be present and in the moment. And most importantly, to be true to himself.
Charity Duncan

For Mother’s Day, I’d like to have a day with the family where we enjoy an interactive meal experience like a Korean BBQ restaurant where we cook the meat ourselves at the table or, maybe a Brazilian Churrascaria. We are a family that loves food and being together. That would be a perfect gift. 
Tricia Goff Driscoll

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