2017 Best of Haymarket Results 

Congratulations to all the businesses and organizations in our community. All of you provide us with vital services and/or products and help make Haymarket an amazing place to live and work. This year’s Best of Haymarket competition offered a few new categories and some highly competitive races. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your views.


Asian Food

Asian Garden

Fresh. The perfect word to describe the cuisine at this location. Natural, fresh ingredients are utilized in creating the fare at Asian Garden. No wonder readers selected this eatery as the best place for Asian Food in 2017. Select from chef specialities, appetizers, or main dishes (featuring chicken, pork, and beef). Dine-in or take-out. Either way their location is convenient—Dominion Valley Market Square Shopping Center.

2. Thai Peppers

3. Osaka Japanese Steakhouse & Seafood 


Cupcake Heaven and Cafe

Having a craving for sweets? Readers have voiced their pick for the 2017 best bakery/desserts as Cupcake Heaven and Cafe. Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Divine, Red Velvet, and so many other specialty cupcake flavors await all who enter. Weekly specials are also a favorite with the local crowds. Stop in their Washington Street location for dessert, or even try one of their coffee beverages or breakfast wraps.

2. Cookies & Cream

3. Wegmans

Breakfast Place


The 2017 award goes to Eggspectation. Menu options include a variety of freshly squeezed juices, coffee, espresso, and a plethora of delectable breakfast entrees to delight patrons any time of the day. Located in the Madison Crescent Shopping Center near the intersection of Route 29 and Route 15, they are a great location for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They even host several business meetings on a monthly basis.

2. Hidden Julles Haymarket


Casual/Family Restaurant

El Vaquero West

Haymarket, you have spoken. This year, the race was very, very close, but only one winner was possible. For several years, you have voted El Vaquero as the best casual/family restaurant in the area. This year was no different. The family-friendly atmosphere and meals they offer are perfect for all ages. El Vaquero has also captured first place in the Best Mexican/Latin Food category this year. Stop in and try their amazing enchiladas, tacos, seafood, burritos, or other delicious Mexican entrees and appetizers.

2. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

3. El Tio Tex-Mex Grill


Trummer’s Coffee & Wine Bar

With specialty drinks such as cappuccinos, espressos, shakardos, and chai lattes, it is no surprise voters selected Trummer’s the best in this category. Located in Promenade Commons in Gainesville, their spot is perfect to enjoy a good brew any time of day. Next time you stop in, try one of their cold brews, pour overs, or drip coffees, and see for yourself why they were voted the best.

2. Starbucks – Atlas Way

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Grocery Store/Produce


Once again, Wegmans has captured the best grocery store distinction. Wegmans is consistently a favorite with readers for offering amazing customer service, high quality food, and a wide selection of wines and beers. They also sell organic food, fresh vegetables, and other specialty food items for your family. Visit them in the Stonewall Shops on Route 29.

2. Harris Teeter

3. Giant Merchants – Merchant’s View Square

Ice Cream

Cookies & Cream

Voters, you have selected a new winner this year. The award goes to Cookies & Cream, a business that opened in 2016 in Haymarket. They scoop Gifford’s premium hard-serve ice cream and serve cookies that are baked on the premises. Try their outdoor seating area, or indulge in a specialty drink or Italian soda while you enjoy your treat. If you haven’t been there yet, stop in and check out their location near the playground. You will soon see why voters voted them the best.

2. Pickle Bob’s

3. Cold Stone

Lunch Place


This lunch spot is favored by our readers, as they determined this year’s winner for the best lunch place. Chick-fil-A has also won other categories this year including best meal for under 10 dollars. Two locations serve area residents: one in Gainesville and one now open in Haymarket.

2. Hidden Julles – Haymarket

3. Panera & BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Meal Under $10


Sometimes we need to enjoy a lunch for under 10 dollars, and you all have voted Chick-fil-A the place to go for a delicious bite to eat on a budget. A variety of hot sandwiches, nuggets, and salads are all available.

2. El Vaquero West

3. Chipotle

Mexican/Latin Food

El Vaquero West

Authentic Mexican cuisine draws in our readers, according to ballots cast in this year’s competition. El Vaquero West surely is the favorite with locals. This family-owned business serves up Mexican flavors in every dish they serve, including dessert and a variety of beverages. Stop in the next time you are craving some Mexican fare and try one of their enchiladas, burritos, tacos, or salads. You will see why they were voted the best.

2. El Tio Tex-Mex Grill 

3. Uncle Julio’s

Outdoor Seating

Uncle Julio’s

Situated in Promenade Commons, Uncle Julio’s has captured our readers’ attention for outdoor seating. Voted best for 2017 in the outdoor seating category, Uncle Julio’s offers shaded areas, as well as an outdoor fire to warm you during the cooler months, all in a conveniently located spot near retail shops and a movie theatre. Next time you wish to enjoy a meal al fresco, try Uncle Julio’s.

2. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

3. Bar Louie


Tony’s NY Pizza

New York style pizza is obviously a favorite with our readers, who voted Tony’s NY Pizza the best for 2017. Pizza pies with an amazing array of topping options are dished out each day for dining in or take-out. Next time, try pizza along with one of their appetizers, gluten free meals, or specials.

2. MOD Pizza

3. Brooklyn Brothers 

Place for A Cocktail

Bar Louie

Ballots cast determined that Bar Louie is once again the favored spot to enjoy a cocktail. A myriad of options await those seeking a glass of wine, a beer, or a mixed cocktail. The menu is extensive and there truly is something for everyone.

2. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

3. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse



The ballots indicate that Panera is still the winner for the 2017 best salad. Readers must really enjoy the salad options such as the Watermelon and Feta, Southwest Chili Lime Ranch Salad with Chicken, Seasonal Greens, Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken, Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken and the Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa. Their location in Atlas Walk Way in Gainesville makes this the perfect place to gather with family or friends. Patrons can also select from a wide variety of sandwiches to accompany their salad.

2. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

3. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill


Hidden Julles Cafe – Haymarket  

Ballots were cast in this highly competitive category! The winner of the best sandwich is Hidden Julles in Haymarket. This locally owned and operated cafe offers tasty fare throughout the day. All of their breads are baked fresh daily and their meats are sourced locally. The cafe offers organic, natural, fresh ingredients for any sandwich or menu item. They offer breakfast, lunch, and catering services. Their building offers indoor and outdoor seating and is conveniently located in the heart of Haymarket.

2. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

3. Panera


Blue Ridge Seafood

This year is the first ever for this category. Voters made it known that Blue Ridge Seafood is the best place to go if you are seeking delicious meals from the sea! Indoor and outdoor seating options at this casual, family-friendly restaurant is ideal for those who want to enjoy some mouth-watering crabs, shrimp, oysters, clams, chowder, soup, fish, tacos, or sandwiches. The seafood options abound. Try them out the next time you are seeking some savory fare.

2. Bone Fish Grill

3. Wegmans

Steak & Cheese Sandwich

Tony’s NY Pizza

This brand new category for 2017 was a close race. Readers, you ultimately decided that Tony’s NY Pizza has the best steak & cheese sandwich. It’s just another delicious choice beside their pizza (which was voted best pizza in Haymarket this year) and other menu options.

2. Foster’s Grill

3. Penn Station East Coast Subs


Annual Event

Photo courtesy of Town of Haymarket

Haymarket Day

Haymarket Day is in the hearts of most of our readers, as you have consistently voted this annual event the best in town. The parade and activities are geared for the entire family and offer an annual tradition for many residents and visitors alike. So this year, enjoy the shopping, music, and festive atmosphere this event provides all in the community.

2. Burnside Farms Festival of Spring

3. Virginia Gateway Fireworks Spectacular and Family Fun

Children’s Entertainment


Last year was the inaugural year for this category and the response was fantastic. This year, voters again determined that Jump-N-Jimmy’s is the winner. Open seven days a week, Jump-N-Jimmy’s offers private and semi-private sessions in a large atmosphere full of indoor inflatable fun. This entertainment center is located on James Madison Highway in Haymarket.

2. Haymarket Gainesville Community Library 

3. Haymarket Iceplex

Charitable Organization

Haymarket Food Pantry

Haymarket readers have indicated for many years that the Haymarket Food Pantry is the best charitable organization in the area. Claiming the top spot for 2017, this organization provides a place to turn when you need assistance with meals. Community residents help by donating food, money, and hours of service each year. If you too want to help over 600 families each week, they are always looking for assistance in organizing and running food drives for those who are less fortunate. Visit their website (www.haymarketfoodpantry.org) today to see how you can help.

2. Comfort Cases

3. Serve Our Willing Warriors

Girls Night Out

Bar Louie

The best girls night out award goes to Bar Louie this year. The contemporary inside decor or comfortable outside seating provides an atmosphere just right for a gathering with your friends—day or night. Enjoy a full meal, a wide variety of appetizers, salads, and desserts. They are ideally located in the Promenade Commons right across from the movie theatre and near many well-known retail stores—the perfect combination for a girls night out.


2. Winery at La Grange

3. Uncle Julio’s and Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Local Artist/Photographer

Leah Marsh Photography

This is one tough competition. Photographers were neck-and-neck, but alas, only one was able to gain the number of votes to claim victory. The 2017 winner is Leah Marsh Photography. Leah specializes in family and children images, is an International Associate of Newborn Photographers, and is a member of the Tiny Footprints Project. Her talent for photographing newborns is astounding, and she donates photography time to parents with infants in local NICUs.

2. JDR Photography

3. Misty Rodda Photography

Local Entertainment/Band

One Hot Mess

Classic rock appears to be our readers’ favorite this year. The 2017 local entertainment winner is One Hot Mess. The trio offers music lovers the sounds of harmony and acoustic rock, and they perform at various locations throughout the region. If you want to hear them at their next gig, visit their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/One-Hot-Mess) to see where they will be.

2. Gainesville Dance Center

3. The Fringe Benefits


Saturday Night Date Spot

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Wow, three years in a row Firebirds was selected by you, the readers, as the best spot to go on a Saturday night date.  Located near the movie theater, it is convenient for a meal before or after you catch a flick. Next time you are seeking a place to go with your date, stop in and try them out for a meal, an appetizer, or a beverage.

2. Regal Cinemas

3. Bonefish Grill


Antique Store/Furniture Store


Readers, you certainly love the furniture at HomeGoods. A wide selection, affordable prices, and great location helped make this a favored store with you in 2017. If you need a new chair, or maybe a dresser, or even a sofa, visit their store in the Virginia Gateway Shopping Center. They will definitely have something you like.

2. Details for the Home

3. The Copper Cricket Consignment Shop

Electronics/Wireless Store


Readers have selected Verizon the winner for staying connected, no matter where you are. If you need a family or business plan, stop in and see for yourself.

2. Best Buy

3. AT&T

Gift Shop/Specialty Store

Details for the Home

The winner is Details for the Home! Readers, you have determined that this boutique offers residents and visitors an amazing selection. From unique gifts to jewelry to many other accessory pieces, this story as the perfect gift for a friend—even for yourself. Pandora, Vera Bradley, and Spartina are all available for purchase. The store is located on Jefferson Street in Haymarket. Stop in the next time you need a little retail therapy.

2. HomeGoods

3. Hallmark

Jewelry Store

Charming Charlie

Shoppers of all ages enjoy Charming Charlie. Voters cast their ballots claiming that Charming Charlie is the winner for the best jewelry store this year. Simple to elaborate options await shoppers. Need a specific color theme in your jewelry? No problem—Charming Charlie has just what you are looking for. Reasonable prices and trendy options are all available to suite your jewelry requirements, whether casual, professional, or formal.

2. Details for the Home

3. Grace Jewelers

New Business (Opened in 2016 or 2017)

Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream opened their doors in 2016 and has captured the hearts of our readers, who have voted them the best new business in 2017. Delicious ice cream, sorbets, and ice cream sandwiches await locals and visitors alike. Next time you have a craving for an ice cold treat, check them out. The store is located on Washington Street in Haymarket.

2. Total Wine

3. Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa


CVS – Washington Street

CVS has once again claimed victory in this category for 2017. If you need to fill a prescription, stock up on everyday items, or get some over-the-counter medicine, they have what you need. They even offer a drive thru window for convenience.

2. Wegmans

3. Walgreens

Wine Shop

Total Wine

This year, Total Wine has claimed victory as the best wine shop for 2017. Total Wine opened its doors in 2016 and, voters, you have noticed their selection.  It is obvious our readers are passionate about wine, and Total Wine is their preferred place to shop.This business offers fine wines: over 8,000 different wines from every wine-producing region in the world, some of which are not available in any other store. Check them out next time you are seeking just the right red or white to accompany a meal. While you are there, check out the many beer options they have: America‘s most popular brands, hard-to-find microbrews, and a variety of imports. Total Wine is located on Wellington Road in Gainesville.

2. Wegmans

3. Cork & Fork

Women’s Clothes


Once again, readers, you have determined that Kohl’s is the best place to purchase women’s clothing. And it’s not a surprise, as they offer everything from accessories, necessities, professional, and casual attire—even shoes, all at affordable pricing.

2. Ann Taylor Loft

3. White House Black Market


Accounting Firm

Bull Run Accounting and Tax Services

This year, you have selected a new winner for the best accounting firm. Bull Run Accounting, located at 15003 Washington Street, offers a variety of services. So if you need assistance with your personal or business accounting and tax questions and preparation, give them a call. Professionals there will work with you to help you in the best way possible.

2. Sharon L. Zavalanski, CPA

3. H&R Block

Auto Repair/Tire

Piedmont Tire and Auto – Haymarket

Piedmont Tire and Auto has captured our voters’ hearts. For several years, this professional tire and auto service has claimed victory as the best place for auto repairs and tire needs. Conveniently located on Washington Street, readers can have their vehicles serviced and stop into one of the many local retail establishments while waiting for the work to be completed.

2. Virginia Tire & Auto

3. Piedmont Tire and Auto – Gainesville

Bank/Financial Institution

Bank of America

Ballots were cast and voters decided that Bank of America is the 2017 winner in this category. Savings, investments, loans, and mortgages are offered to meet the needs of their residential customers. They even provide a variety of business services. They are located at 14752 Lee Highway in Gainesville.

2. Wells Fargo

3. Navy Federal Credit Union

Chiropractor Firm

Haymarket Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

You have declared Haymarket Chiropractic & Rehabilitation as the best place to go for chiropractic services. They provide clients with relief from pain and offer treatments for not only general chiropractic needs, but also for sports, athletic training, personal training, and muscle work. Clients even learn about injury prevention when they visit the professional staff.

2. Lighthouse Chiropractic

3. Gateway Chiropractic

Computer Service/System Repair

Geek Squad/Best Buy

Geek Squad at Best Buy Computer has been voted the best place for computer service or system repair for 2017. Stop in at the Best Buy and visit the Geek Squad counter for more information on how they can help you. In person or over the phone, professional staff is available to assist you with your computer needs.

2. J & S Networks

3. Geek@Your Service


Pro Edge Painting

This intense, close race yielded a new winner this year! Pro Edge Painting has won the 2017 Best Contractor/Handyman category. Honesty, commitment, and quality are the three words their professional staff adhere to and they want to help take the stress out of your project by handling your painting and remodeling needs. Call them the next time you have a home project you want a professional service to handle.

2. Beitzell Fence Co.

3. Appleton Campbell and Gainesville Plumbing

Customer Service

Dynamics Physical Therapy

The Best Customer Service category is a new selection in this years contest. Readers showed their support for Dynamics Physical Therapy as the best in customer service for 2017. They maintain their focus on their patients and their quality of life. You have recognized Dynamics Physical Therapy as a professional business which provides individualized attention.

2. Chick-fil-A

3. Bigoski Insurance

Day Care Center/Preschool

Haymarket Baptist Church Preschool & Kindergarten

Small classrooms, personalized teaching methods, and Christian-based instruction have gained your approval. Readers, you have voted them the best preschool yet again for 2017. The accredited school focuses on the Abeka curriculum, music, chapel service, and other instruction to benefit all children. Check them out if you are looking for a school for your child.

2. Rainbow Station

3. 4R’s Preschool

Dental Office

Awesome Smiles Dental Center

Once again, readers have determined that Awesome Smiles Dental Center is the best place to go to care for your teeth. Awesome Smiles provides general dental care, implants, teeth whitening, and cosmetic services. Call them the next time you need some dental services.

2. Gainesville Dental Associates

3. Dunegan Orthodontics

Doctor/Physician Office

Haymarket Pediatrics 

The 2017 winner for best doctor’s office is Haymarket Pediatrics, where parents are able to receive comprehensive medical care for newborns through college-age children. Located on Costello Way, they are convenient and provide individualized, professional service in a comfortable setting for both parent and child.

2. Bull Run Family Practice

3. Gainesville Family Practice

Dry Cleaners

Haymarket Dry Cleaners

Votes are in and Haymarket Dry Cleaners has won the 2017 award for best dry cleaning services. This location offers dry cleaning services for specialty items such as gowns, as well as suits and shirts and other clothing needs. Stop in and see how they can assist you with dry clean only or delicate items.

2. Dominion Cleaners

3. Gainesville Cleaners

Eye Care Provider

David Gore, OD, PC

The Best Eye Care Provider category is in its inaugural year. The race was so close, but the 2017 victory goes to David Gore. Dr. Gore provides patients with comprehensive vision and eye health examinations designed to detect a wide range of problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other conditions affecting vision function.

2. MyEyeDr

3. Dominion Eyecare

Financial Advisor/Investment Firm

Edward Jones – Mark Miller

Voters have made their decision; Mark Miller from Edward Jones is the winner for the best financial advisor/investment firm category for 2017. If you need assistance with retirement planning, saving for college, or investing, he has the professional expertise to advise you.  His office is located on Washington Street in Haymarket.

2. Edward Jones – Deborah Trnka

3. Heritage Financial

Hair Salon/Barber Shop

Three Ways Beautiful Salon and Spa

For the second year in a row, readers have selected Three Ways Beautiful Salon and Spa as the best place to go for your hairstyling needs. Whether you are seeking a new color, new pixie, or an updo, they will be able to create a look that you will love. Their professional team also provides massage, facials, and tanning services six days a week. Customer satisfaction is paramount to Three Ways. Stop in their The Heritage Village Plaza location to see why they were selected this year’s winner.

2. Fashion Forward Salon

3. Tranquility

Insurance Firm

Bigoski Insurance Agency, LLC

The professional team at Bigoski Insurance Agency is loved by our readers. You have voted them the best place for insurance needs six years in a row! If you need home, life, auto, term life, commercial, or other types of insurance, give them a call. Their team provides personalized service and wants to assist you.

2. State Farm

3. Bill Harvey Insurance (Nationwide)

Law Firm

Law Office of Clay and Lofaso, PLLC

This year, readers have declared the Law Office of Clay and Lofaso, PLLC as the best law firm for 2017. Their professionals are experienced with a variety of legal issues: criminal legal services, DUI, traffic, bankruptcy, and more. Their offices are located in Heritage Village Plaza and their staff is focused on providing the clientele with the most effective, professional legal services available.

2. Hopkins Law Firm

3. Law Office of Maurice E Moylan, PLLC

Local Gym

Next Level Fitness & Performance

Readers declared Next Level Fitness & Performance the best local gym this year. With a 12,000 sf facility, they are more than equipped to work with both athletes and adults, while still providing a personal touch and a sense of community that has clients raving. For adults looking to get stronger, leaner and more powerful Next Level offers both group and personal training programs. Athlete performance training, youth fitness programs and team training are offered to kids ages 7-18. Visit them on James Madison Highway in Haymarket.

2. One Life Fitness – Heritage Village

3. Crossfit Durable

Massage/Spa Services

Tranquility Day Spa & Salon

Wow, what a contest this category offered this year. The victorious business this year was Tranquility. Their focus is on the details as well as professional services from a staff dedicated to hospitality. They even serve food or a glass of wine during your visit. You may select from a therapeutic or specialty massage during your visit. They even offer enhancement services such as body serums and aromatherapy, and pregnancy massages for expecting moms. The next time you need a little rest and relaxation, visit them Tuesday through Saturday in their Washington Street location.

2. Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa

3. Massage Envy

Mortgage Company

BB&T – Haymarket

The 2017 competition brings this new category to our readers. Ballots were cast and readers have selected BB&T in Haymarket as the best place to go for a mortgage. Mortgage options include first-time buyer programs, refinancing, home equity loans, and construction loans. So if you are seeking to buy or refinance, give them a call and schedule time with one of their professional staff members.

2. George Mason Mortgage

3. The Fauquier Bank – Haymarket


Merrifield Garden Center

Readers, you know where to go for your landscaping needs—no matter what the season! You voted Merrifield Garden Center the best place to go for all your plants and materials. With greenhouses, native and exotic plants, annuals and perennials, and shrubs and trees, it is no wonder you selected them as the best place to go for some plant therapy. Don’t forget, they even offer water plants, houseplants, and other garden and home decor items. Their courteous, professional staff will help you determine which plants fit your specific needs. Stop in today at their Wellington Road location in Gainesville.

2. Cornerstone Landscaping

3. Gateway Garden Center

Physical Therapy

Dynamics Physical Therapy

Readers, you have expressed your opinion loudly and clearly by voting Dynamics Physical Therapy the best place to go in this year’s survey. Dynamics Physical Therapy focuses on individualized, progressive physical therapy to help provide clients with a successful rehabilitation. One-on-one care is provided, as is an individualized care plan to help maximize results and provide positive outcomes. Dynamics offers services in sports medicine, post-surgical rehabilitation, pain care, and a variety of injuries. With locations in Gainesville and Haymarket, they offer convenience as well.

2. Haymarket Physical Therapy

3. Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Real Estate Office

Exit Heritage Realty

We have a new winner for 2017—Exit Heritage. Cheryl and Brian Garcia launched Heritage in 2003, and became part of the Exit franchise in 2006. They focus on honesty, integrity, and respect for everyone involved, as well as being good citizens and neighbors in our community. Exit Heritage’s staff is comprised of over 25 agents working under Brian Garcia. Each individual on the team offers professionalism and extensive knowledge relating to the local real estate trends. If you are looking to purchase or sell your home, give them a call.

2. Long & Foster

3. Linton Hall Realtors 

Veterinarian Office

Stonewall Veterinary Clinic

Consistently, you have voted Stonewall Veterinary Clinic the best place to care for your furry friends. This year is no exception. The team of caring professionals assist a variety of animals with routine care and specialized surgery—even dental services—all to keep your pet healthy and happy. Stonewall has been helping clients since 2003 and still adheres to their mission: “Pets are significant members of your family. We care for and treat these pets and their families with the highest level of respect, sensitivity, medical knowledge, and technical skill possible.”

2. Dominion Valley Animal Hospital 

3. Caring Hands

This year provided us with insight into how much our readers enjoy our local businesses. Every business and organization in our area should be congratulated, since each and every one provides us with amazing products and services. We truly have amazing growth, entrepreneurship, and customer service in our area. To all our readers, thank you for participating in this annual competition.

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