Best Of Warrenton 2017 Results

The Best of Warrenton gives readers the opportunity to share their opinions and values about the businesses in our hometown. As our town continues to grow, we have added more categories for the best: mortgage company, place for seafood, eye care provider and more. We are excited to share the results that highlight your opinions.

As noted by this survey, our area offers so many choices of thriving businesses and organizations. Thank you for taking the time to participate in our annual competition. Remember, you selected the winners, and your vote does matter. Each and every local businesses and organization is vital to the success of our community, so let us congratulate all who were listed in the Best of Warrenton survey.



First Place Winner: Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C.

Voters, you have consistently named Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C. the best accounting firm, and we can see why. This firm offers years of experience in providing services to businesses and individuals. In 1983, the firm began as a small office and has been expanding ever since. They offer estate planning, consulting, tax, and accounting services. Their office is located on Alexandria Pike next to the DMV.

2. H&R Block

3. Marshall Consulting Group & Old Town Tax Professionals tied



First Place Winner: Country Chevrolet 

Owner Andy Budd is widely known in the community not only for offering Warrentonians amazing customer service and high-quality cars and trucks, but also for his involvement in the community. His generosity in supporting local organizations and nonprofits is a clear indication of his commitment to serving the area. Readers, you have chosen Country Chevrolet as the winner this year because of their selection and the reliable service they provide.

2. Warrenton Toyota/Scion

3. Sheehy Auto Ford



First Place Winner: Joe’s Service Center

Where is the place to take your car or truck if it needs service? Well, according to you, the place to go is Joe’s Service Center. Services range from oil changes and brake repair to electrical, emissions, and collision repair on all types of vehicles. Joe’s is located on Sullivan Street.

2. Chick’s Services Inc

3. Warrenton Auto Service



First Place Winner: The Fauquier Bank

Marc J. Bogan is the president and CEO of The Fauquier Bank, which led the votes in this year’s competition. The entire team at TFB has maintained the traditions set forth in 1902 when this independent, locally-owned community bank came into existence. TFB continues to grow, yet also maintains its belief in the local community by providing not only services but community outreach within the county. The main branch is located off Main Street at 10 Courthouse Square.

2. BB&T

3. Wells Fargo



First Place Winner: Hair Cuttery  

Warrenton sure has its opinion on barber shops. As always, this race was an extremely close one. Hair Cuttery claimed victory this year as the best barber shop. Men can obtain a haircut as well as a beard and neck trim. Hair Cuttery is conveniently located near Giant.

2. Siggi’s Sports Barber Shop

3. Lee’s Barber Shop (Main St)



First Place Winner: Fauquier SPCA

What’s not to love about this organization? Time and again, you, the readers, have declared Fauquier SPCA the winner for best charitable organization. Under the direction of Devon Settle, this organization consistently provides love to unwanted animals by providing services for adoption, rabies, microchips, low cost spay/neuter clinics, cremation, a feral cat program, and more. Volunteers are always needed, as are supplies such as food, newspapers, and blankets. Located on Rogues Rd, they offer a welcoming, comfortable environment for all the pets they help.

2. Fauquier Food Bank

3. Boys & Girls Club



First Place Winner: Advantage Health Chiropractic

This chiropractic office has been a favorite of our voters for several years and is best known for the expert care “Dr. Doug” and his friendly staff provide. Their services include diagnosing and treating common spinal misalignments that may occur and cause pain, including degenerative conditions. Readers take note that Advantage even offers massage therapy.

2. Fauquier Chiropractic

3. Warrenton Chiropractic Center



First Place Winner: Dok Klaus Computer Care 

Since 2002, Dok Klaus Computer Care has consistently provided clients with computer system repair services in the area. His team is well-known and popular with our voters. His website offers important information on news in the tech industry, such as cybersecurity issues. He and his team are ready to help with virus removal and data recovery for home and business networks. Their office is located on Waterloo Street between Carousel and Old Town.

2. Staples

3. F1 Computer Solutions



First Place Winner: Appleton Campbell

Excellent customer service is paramount to Appleton Campbell, and you recognized this in your votes. Serving Warrenton and the surrounding area since 1976, this business has remained in the same family ever since. They are committed to serving customers with professionalism in plumbing, electric, and HVAC services as well as providing support within the community, which they consider a priority. They are actively involved with the Fauquier Chamber, Fauquier SPCA, Warrenton Spring Festival, Evening Under the Stars, Experience Old Town Warrenton, youth sports leagues, schools, and many other local charitable events and organizations.

2. Hubbies R Us

3. Blackwood Construction


Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy


First Place Winner: Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy |

Teaching from experience

By Aimee O’Grady

Over a decade in Japan, immersed in the Japanese culture and surrounded by their practice of Zen had a profound influence on Marianne Clyde. Her practice, The Marianne Clyde Center was voted Best Counseling Center in 2017. Therapists at the Center help clients reconnect with their one true self. Clients work to achieve this reconnection to leave sessions feeling empowered and confident.

Therapists at the center view each client as already whole, perfect, and complete when they walk through the door. “I believe that everyone needs to reconnect with their creator. This recharging helps us to look past all the circumstances that are vying for our attention.” With the guidance from a therapist, clients work through the process of turning down the noise and reconnecting. “It is a simple process, but not an easy one,” says Clyde.

Professionals here acknowledge the many stressors present in today’s world. Clyde explains, “People are looking for good examples and strong leaders to follow. At the Center, we teach clients how to establish strength. We are all leaders, why not be good ones?” She continues, “No matter what you are doing, you are making an impact in some capacity. It should be a healthy one.”

Nearly two years ago Clyde implemented an intern program that expanded the Center by ultimately launching  new programs. Through her internship program, therapists are invited to work with her as they begin their own careers. “I want to give new therapists the opportunity that was given to me when I was starting out. I want them to live their dreams, and hope to help them,” she says. It is with this holistic and inclusive approach that the Marianne Clyde Center has made its mark on Warrenton.

Clyde feels it is a privilege to be working with the professionals who have come through her internship program and is grateful for the new energy and insight they have brought to the center. Anna Marie Evans, a therapist with the Center, developed a new program while interning that focuses on adolescents and diversion through a partnership with court services. Through such programs, the Center can expand its reach within the community.

Clyde is touched by the community support in being recognized as the Best Counseling Center, “The community has been very receptive to the programs we offer and the support has been overwhelming.”

On August 14, Clyde’s new book, Zentivity: How to Eliminate Chaos, Stress and Discontent in Your Workplace, will be available on

2. Mary Beth Williams

3. Carole M. Hertz ED


First Place Winner: Chick-Fil-A

Readers, you have declared Chick-Fil-A the best in customer service, and it’s no wonder. Everyone is greeted with a smile and courteous staff are always on hand to assist patrons. Chick-Fil-A is a winner in multiple categories this year including best wait staff, casual/family restaurant and take-out.

2. Harris Teeter




First Place Winner: Ballet Academy of Warrenton

No wonder readers voted Ballet Academy of Warrenton the best dance studio for 2017; their philosophy is to provide quality teaching of classical ballet using a Russian method that has been very successful for over 100 years. Linda Voelpel and her staff instruct children and adults of all ages, and offer classes in toddler movement, hip-hop, ballroom dancing for adults, acrobatics, and classical ballet.

2. Excell Dance Company

3. Warrenton Gymnastics



First Place Winner: St. James’ Episcopal Preschool

Readers selected St. James’ Episcopal Preschool as the best one in Warrenton. Serving preschoolers through fifth graders, this school focuses on an environment of Christian love, understanding, and acceptance. Areas of study include: reading, math, science, history, art/music, religion, and foreign language. Their preschool program is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services and they are conveniently located on Culpeper Street in Old Town Warrenton.

2. Warrenton Baptist Tiny Tots Care Center  

3. St. John Preschool



First Place Winner: The Office of Sentz, Griffin, and Tudor, DDS

With over 30 years of experience, patients know, as you have indicated by your votes, that the dental care options at this office are the best. Professional staff assists clients with preventative care, prosthetic and restorative services, as well as routine exams and cleanings.

2. Woodside & Sentz DDS

3. Dr. Robert Flikeid, DDS & Associates



First Place Winner: Petco Grooming

In this very competitive category, you have selected Petco Grooming as the place to go for your furry companions. Their rigorous standards and state-of-the-art facilities allow them to groom your canine companion just the way you like it. Next time you need to bathe your dog, consider scheduling an appointment with Petco.

2. Gaila Grooming

3. Hound ‘N Hair


Warrenton Center Dry Cleaners


First Place Winner: Warrenton Center Cleaners

Handles its clothing and customers with special treatment

By Maria Massaro

Warrenton Center Cleaners (WCC) has been selected as the best dry cleaning service in town for the seventh consecutive year, and its continued success comes down to its staff’s attentiveness to both clothing and customers. “We know exactly what the customer wants,” said owner Umsuk Namgoong. “When we receive clothes, we clean them as though they belong to our own family. So we take very good care of our customers.”

Functioning more as a one-stop center than a straight-up dry cleaning company, WCC offers a range of services that include laundering, alterations, garment preservation, leather shoe repair, and the cleaning of special items such as wedding dresses and fine rugs. And with same-day service available, WCC is also equipped for rush orders. “We can handle emergencies too—and at no extra charge,” Namgoong added.

While WCC is prepared for any clothing contingency, their well-organized team is also recognized for being meticulous in all stages of service. “We make sure to triple-check each item before we put it on the conveyer so that there are never any problems,” Namgoong explained. “Our customers tell us that they’re really happy because they don’t have to worry about anything.” This includes missing buttons, shrunken wools, steam wrinkles, or other problems common to dry cleaning.

An organic cleaning process is yet another feature which distinguishes the center and exemplifies its conscientious style. With 29 years in the business, Namgoong is knowledgeable of and responsive to EPA regulations concerning dry cleaning, and he avoids the use of any chemicals that are harmful to garments and those who wear them. This is why he switched to a silicone- based solution, which is essentially liquefied sand, the same sand found on beaches. This liquid silicone is also the base ingredient for many everyday products such as shampoos, lotions, and makeup. WCC is the only dry cleaner in Warrenton that uses this method. Namgoong pointed out that this green approach is not only responsible; it is also practical: “There are no chemical smells, and the clothes have a longer life.”

Though Namgoong has learned from practice and experience how to expand a business and excel in a competitive industry, he also intuitively understands the importance of caring for one’s employees and the reciprocal effect of respecting every person who walks through the front door. “I’m really proud of my crews,” he said of his diligent and dedicated staff. “We have 10 people working together, and it’s like a family business. I have one employee who has been with me for over 25 years.” Namgoong is equally appreciative of his customers, 80 percent of whom are regular visitors to the center, an unusually high patronage for the dry cleaning trade. “I have customers that come from as far as Middleburg,” he gratefully remarked.

Looking ahead, Namgoong simply strives to maintain the success of his business through sound practices and exceptional care. “I am going to continue to provide the best service I can for our customers,” he contended. And that kind of treatment is truly special.

Warrenton Center Cleaners is located at 251 West Lee Highway. For more information about this business, please call 540-349-3141.

2. Acclaim Cleaners

3. ASAP Cleaners



First Place Winner: Warrenton Eye Associates

This is the first year for this category. Readers, you did not disappoint with all your responses. This was a competitive category, but Warrenton Eye Associates has claimed victory. Their professional staff offers excellent customer service and provides comprehensive eye care services, including treatments for dry eyes and eye infections, diabetic eye exams, emergency eye care, ocular allergies, and glaucoma.

2. MyEyeDoctor

3. Walmart Vision Centers



First Place Winner: Fauquier Bank Wealth Management 

TFB Wealth Management offers a variety of wealth management services including financial, retirement, college planning, investment management, trust administration, estate settlement, brokerage services, and insurance services. Warrenton readers, you have cast your ballots this year selecting them as the best provider in wealth management services. In the heart of Old Town, their office provides accessibility and convenience.

2. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC,

3. BB&T Scott & Stringfellow



First Place Winner: Old Town Athletic Club 

Kim and Mike Forsten have shown readers that their offerings are the best in the area, as decided by you. State-of-the-art club facilities, yoga and pilates studio, personal training, group training, Parisi Speed School, and Kids Club all round out the offerings of this fitness center. Members also enjoy massage therapy services, a juice bar, and a coffee bar as well as well-appointed locker rooms. If you are in need of their services, visit them at their Walker Drive facility.

2. Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility (WARF)

3. Fauquier Health Wellness Center



First Place Winner: Salon Emage Day Spa

Each year, this is one of the most competitive sections of the Best of Warrenton competition. This year, the results show Salon Emage as the winner. Salon Emage offers a full suite of services including hair, nails, waxing, skin, makeup, massage, and spa packages. Their location in the heart of Old Town offers an environment of historic ambience and luxury all rolled into one. Customer services and professional staff make this a local favorite.

2. Hair Cuttery

3. PR@Partners



First Place Winner: The Natural Marketplace

The Natural Marketplace has been in business for over 27 years and has been selected the best place to visit for holistic services. Owner Shelly Ross has a business model focused on customer service and organic products such as cosmetics, smoothies, freshly-prepared meals, and, of course, essential oils. A courteous staff is always on hand to help you make just the right selection to fit your needs. Their convenient location at Waterloo and Diagonal Street features a parking lot to allow easy accessibility for all patrons.

2. White Flower Yoga & Wellness

3. Looking Glass Natural Health



First Place Winner: Poplar Springs Inn & Spa 

Readers, you have voted in a new winner this year–Poplar Springs Inn & Spa. Their 22 guest rooms and 170 rolling acres offer luxury and privacy. Suites with fireplaces are also available for reservation. Overnight guests will relax in the beautifully appointed Inn and can even enjoy amazing cuisine at the on-site dining service at The Manor House Restaurant, or a spa treatment located on premises as well. Don’t forget to enjoy the saltwater pool and hot tub on your next overnight visit. With the quiet, country atmosphere, it is the perfect getaway for both locals and visitors to the area.

2. Holiday Inn Express

3. Hampton Inn



First Place Winner: Carr & Hyde Insurance 

Carr & Hyde has been a consistent winner in this category. Warrentonians recognize them as the place to go for business and personal insurance needs because of their professional experience and customer service. Their independent insurance agents provide the best products and services at a fair price to meet each client’s needs. Since they are independent, they are able to match your unique needs with the proper insurance provider and solution. Their offices are located on Culpeper Street in Warrenton.

2. Nationwide Insurance – Puffenbarger Insurance

3. State Farm – Glenn Albert



Law Office of Marie Washington, PLC

First Place Winner: Law Office of Marie Washington, PLC 

The Heart of the Matter

By Aimée O’Grady

Business owner and community leader Marie Washington has a simple suggestion for tomorrow’s leaders: “Find something that speaks to your heart and follow it.” Washington, whose law firm has won Best Law Firm in Warrenton for the past eight years, speaks from experience. In Washington’s case, her heart lies in her community.

The Fauquier County native returned to the community she calls home after completing her academic career. Today, she is a committed volunteer to community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army. This past April, she was awarded the Be A Shield award from the Salvation Army for her impact in the community.  Washington also hopes to project the image that attorneys are normal people and that anyone needing the assistance of an attorney should not be intimidated.

Washington can also be found participating in community events such as Warrenton Town Limits and First Fridays. “I love Warrenton and Fauquier County. I grew up here and these are my roots; I don’t see myself anywhere else. I love participating in events. I think it is important for people to know there are local attorneys and they don’t have to look elsewhere,” she says.

With the number of law firms found in the area, Washington considers it to be an honor to be thought of so highly from members of the community and voted Best Law Firm for yet another year. “There are many very good firms in our region, I am flattered to be regarded so highly,” Washington says.

She is deeply committed to encouraging tomorrow’s leaders and conducts the junior judges program in the community’s elementary schools to better equip young children from discerning right from wrong. She is also involved with older students and conducts a summer legal seminar program in both private and public high schools to help spark an interest in legal careers. Washington volunteers during career fairs by permitting students to shadow her. She is an advocate for young women interested in careers in the legal profession and is a positive role model for them.

Washington may log long hours at her firm, but when she is not working she can be found both near and far. The enthusiastic traveler enjoys representing her community worldwide and can be found posing with renowned landmarks with little pieces of home in hand, whether it is the local paper or even a Lifestyle Magazine. For quieter times at home, she enjoys fitness with her Great Pyrenees, Cody, and spending time with her parents who still live in Washington’s childhood home.

2. Walker Jones, PC

3. Morrison, Ross & Whelan, PLLC



First Place Winner: Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center – Meghann Grimes

As always, this category was extremely competitive. The 2017 winner is Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center–Meghann Grimes for the best massage services. Meghann Grimes is a Licensed Certified Massage Therapist by the Board of Nursing through the state of Virginia.  Her specialities include Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Clinical Massage, Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue, and Chair Massage as well as Hot Stone Massage. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

2. Poplar Springs Inn & Spa

3. Fauquier Health Wellness Center



First Place Winner: The Fauquier Bank

This year is the first year for voting in this category and it was a highly competitive race. Your votes selected The Fauquier Bank as the 2017 winner for best mortgage company. They offer a variety of programs for mortgage seekers and assist with making home buying more affordable. Both short to long term loans are offered and TFB provides local, pre-approval decisions, no prepayment penalty, a variety of loan amounts, and more.

2. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

3. Oak View National Bank



First Place Winner: Meadows Farms

According to readers, Meadows Farms is the best nursery/garden center in the area. Grab a cart and stroll through all the amazing selections at their location on Route 29. Anyone who has a green thumb, or aspires to have one, will find at least one item for their flower pots or garden beds. Selections range from annuals to perennials, from shrubs to trees. As if that isn’t enough, they also offer full-service landscape and design for clients as well.

2. Buckland Farm Market

3. Lee Highway Nursery


Piedmont Pediatrics


First Place Winner: Piedmont Pediatrics

Readers deliberated and the results were close, but in the end only one office may claim the best title for 2017. Piedmont Pediatrics, located at 20 Rock Pointe off Blackwell Road, boasts four doctors, three nurse practitioners, a phlebotomist, and a highly trained nursing and administrative support staff. All are dedicated to meeting your child’s medical care needs. Same-day sick appointments and even Saturday appointments are available.

2. Piedmont Family Practice

3. Warrenton Pediatrics



First Place Winner: Ciao Bella Celebrations

Capturing the Beauty in Every Occasion

By Maria Massaro

Recognized for providing the best photography services in Warrenton for the fifth consecutive year, Ciao Bella Celebrations has reasons of its own to celebrate. Owners Mona and Dan McLinden have created a one-stop venue for those special moments and milestones by opening a café at 18 Ashby Street in Old Town, which also serves as home for Ciao Bella Photography.

The expansion offers “Celebrations Packages” that round out their award-winning photography services. Included in these packages is the use of the café, celebration rooms for small weddings and parties, as well as a ride in Ciao’s custom trolley. “We’ve finally reached a point where we can truly be a full-service business,” Mona says of the company’s growth and ability to remain successful in such a highly saturated industry. “We’re constantly adding services and evolving that way. And having an active studio, where photography is at the core of everything we do, really helps.”

Launched in 2003, Ciao Bella has provided first-rate photography services to dozens of local businesses, thousands of families, and over 400 weddings. Whether it’s birthday parties, high school graduations, personal portraits, corporate headshots, or commercial properties, Mona and Dan’s photo shoots include more time, attention, and preparation than the standard mini-sessions of larger photography companies. Yet weddings remain Ciao’s specialty and the bulk of its business, especially the more intimate and impromptu ceremonies for couples who prefer a sweet and simple celebration.

“We found that we really love small weddings, because we can spend a lot of time taking pictures in a way that’s very relaxed,” Mona explains. “We don’t just photograph the couple and the bridal party; we include family and extended family. We want to consider all the generations, as they all seem to have a slightly different idea of what they want as far as pictures. People tell us they really like the way we covered so many aspects of their wedding”

This inclusive approach and personal touch distinguishes Ciao’s wedding services.  For instance, couples go right to the studio, or prearranged spot, for a simple ceremony and a romantic photo session right after they have obtained their marriage license from the neighboring courthouse. Mona and Dan can even help with extras such as flowers, dinner, cake cutting, overnight arrangements, and more. For couples seeking an even quicker and easier way to say “I do,” Ciao also offers an Express Wedding and Elopement package, in which the owners sort out all the paperwork and send the newlyweds a certified copy of their marriage license.

“We’re working to bring something unique and special to our community,” continues Mona. “We’ve changed our services to be as flexible as possible, and we offer our customers many options between working in our studio and the environment of their choice.” This diversity and adaptability have helped Ciao remain competitive in a tough market. Ciao Bella has sustained  its reputation as a preeminent company that has drawn repeat business and has served multiple generations of families through its reputation and functionality. And that’s worth celebrating—beautifully.

2. Stephanie Messick Photography

3. Jessica Tapscott Photography


First Place Winner: Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Need a joint replacement, special care for your spine, sports medicine services, pain management, physical therapy, shoulder care, or assistance with a foot or ankle issue? If so, readers have indicated Blue Ridge as the best place to go in 2017. With a full range of services and convenient locations, it is no wonder Warrenton residents like them.

2. Blaser Physical Therapy

3. Fauquier Health



First Place Winner: Piedmont Family Practice

Readers, once again, you have named Piedmont Family Practice as the place to go for medical care. This medical practice was formed in 1997 by a group of physicians dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in the industry. Providers are board-certified in family medicine as well as a plethora of other specialty areas. Convenient office hours were an obvious draw to voters in this year’s competition: Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m., with weekend hours available as well.

2. Piedmont Internal Medicine

3. Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center



First Place Winner: Appleton Campbell

Survey participants really like Appleton Campbell’s offerings. This year they determined that Appleton Campbell is the best plumber in the area, as well as the best contractor/handyman. If you need plumbing, electrical, or HVAC services, they are obviously well-liked by area residents.

2. Foley Plumbing

3. MRC Plumbing and Heating



First Place Winner: Long & Foster Realtors

This was a very close race. Warrenton, you have made your voices heard. Long & Foster Realtors, located on Blackwell Road, is the winner for the 2017 best real estate office. Experienced professionals offer a variety of services from new homes, residential, farms, land, and commercial properties. So whether you are looking to sell or to purchase, you may want to consider giving them a call.

2. Re/Max

3. Ross Real Estate



First Place Winner: Villa at Suffield Meadows

This is a new category for this year’s competition. Our area has really grown and now offers some amazing services for seniors. Readers, you have voted the first ever winner in this competitive category as Villa at Suffield Meadows.They are an assisted living facility that also offers a wide range of activities for local residents. Their services allow clients to maintain healthy lifestyles through movement and socialization with their peers. Residents of the Villa are provided with meals, a 24 hour staff, and assistance with daily living skills such as moving from a bed to a wheelchair. Villa at Suffield Meadows is located on Route 29.

2. Fauquier Health Rehabilitation Nursing Center

3. Brookside Rehab and Nursing Center


Poplar Springs Inn & Spa


First Place Winner: Poplar Springs Inn & Spa

This category is always competitive, but this year Poplar Springs has been victorious as the best spa service. Guests are pampered, no matter if they are staying a few hours, an entire day, or overnight. Massage, reflexology, facials, and many other services are available. Don’t forget to try out the sauna, the saltwater pool, and the poolside bar.

2. Salon Emage

3. PR@Partners



First Place Winner: Piedmont Pets Veterinary Care

Voters know what they like, and they have definitely declared their delight in Piedmont Pets Veterinary Care by naming them the best veterinarian office for 2017. Professional staff, flexible appointment scheduling, and quality care round out all the reasons why locals opt to have Piedmont Pets care for their animals.

2. New Baltimore Animal Hospital

3. Village Veterinary Clinic



First Place Winner: Chick-fil-A 

The Warrenton Chick-fil-A is well known for the friendly greetings as patrons walk in. They are loved by the readers because of their commitment to providing excellent customer service to all. Chick-Fil-A is a winner in multiple categories this year including best customer service, casual/family restaurant and take-out.

2. Claire’s at the Depot

3. Longhorn Steakhouse




First Place Winner: Warrenton Christmas Parade/Gumdrop Square

Well, this year’s winner is definitely not a surprise. The annual traditions of the Warrenton Christmas Parade and Gumdrop Square festivities are truly a hallmark of this town. Readers, you have consistently voted this annual event as your favorite. Join in the fun this coming Christmas season to see why it is repeatedly voted the best annual event.

2. Warrenton Spring Festival

3. Fauquier County Fair



First Place Winner: Claire’s at the Depot 

Whether you want to spend an evening with friends to enjoy conversation with an appetizer and beverage, or have a full scrumptious meal, Claire’s is the place to go. Their comfortable, welcoming atmosphere—indoor and outdoor—offers patrons the perfect place to gather.

2. Barrel Oak Winery

3. Old Bust Head Brewery



Silver Tones Swing Band

First Place Winner: Silver Tones Swing Band

Big band appeal

By Katie Fuster

You voted, and we got the message loud and clear – you love the nostalgic sound and family-friendly shows put on by the Silver Tones Swing Band. The Silver Tones have claimed the Best Local Entertainer/Band spot just five years after their start in Dave Shuma and Wendy Martin-Shuma’s garage.

The ensemble specializes in the big band sound of the late 1930’s through the WWII era, with an Andrews Sisters-like trio of singers who belt out the tight harmonies of songs like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, as well as later big band hits like “Mambo Italiano” and jazzy versions of popular songs “Jailhouse Rock” and “The Hustle.”

“Big band music is American music that will be around forever,” trumpeter Dave Shuma says. “People know and love these songs, and they bring total joy to our audience.” His wife Wendy Martin-Shuma, a classically-trained French horn player who is a vocalist in the band, agrees. “We try to gear our playlist to our event to give folks there a great time,” she says, “and we love to get the audience involved.”

To that end, a crowd favorite is the group’s Carmen Miranda routine, complete with towering hats of fake fruit and a Conga line. “We had probably 120 people snaking around the Kettle Run cafeteria at our Big Band Sock Hop fundraiser,” Martin-Shuma says. And when the ensemble played the Delaplane Strawberry festival, “the Conga line was snaking around the hay bales,” laughs Martin-Shuma.

The Silver Tones is comprised of nineteen members, many of whom met in the Fauquier Community Band. They are “average Joes in our community,” Shuma says, with everyone from college students to engineers to retired county employees on board. “They’re like marathon runners – the more they rehearse, the better they get, and the longer they can play.” The Silver Tones’ personal record is 35 separate “charts” (the musical term for the arrangement of a given song) in one epic evening. “Our musicians are so dedicated, and we are so thankful for them,” says Martin-Shuma.

In addition to local events like First Friday and the Strawberry Festival, the Silver Tones have played for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the National Reconnaissance Office, Verdun Adventure Bound, and the Flying Circus Airshow. On August 26, they will be performing a Salute to the Troops Swing Dance at the Marshall Community Center. “Five retired service members are going to sing with the band,” Martin-Shuma says. “Three of them are soloists, and then a husband and wife team of Air Force members will be singing a duet.”

In September, the Silver Tones, who have so far raised $7,000 for local high school band programs, will be playing another Sock Hop fundraiser at Liberty High School in Bealeton. Details about all Silver Tones Swing Band events, as well as booking information, can be found on their website.

2. Elizabeth Lawrence Band

3. Andre Fox



First Place Winner: Palmer Smith 

Readers, you have seen Palmer around Old Town and at other locations throughout the county. His oil paintings capture the essence of our community: vivid landscapes, stunning architecture, and local scenes. Many locations throughout Warrenton sell and display his art, so enjoy his creations while you are out and about in town.

2. Becky Parrish

3. Sherrie Carter



First Place Winner: Barrel Oak Winery

Nestled in the Piedmont countryside, this winery is a reader favorite. Barrel Oak Winery was deemed the winner for 2017 because you decided you enjoy their hand-crafted Virginia wine, the relaxing atmosphere, and kid- and pet-friendly environment. Owned by Brian and Sharon Roeder, this winery holds appeal no matter what season of the year you may visit.

2. Pearmund Cellars

3. Molon Lave Vineyards



First Place Winner: Airlie

Picturesque rolling hills, gardens, and nature surround Airlie. The Pavilion and Main House, as well as the grounds themselves, provide ideal space to host an event or reception. With over 1,000 acres, there is a spot that is just right for every event. Plus, overnight accommodations are available for any of your celebrations: birthday, wedding, corporate retreat, or parties. Readers, you have determined that Airlie is once again the best place to host an event or reception.

2. Fauquier Springs Country Club

3. Poplar Springs Inn & Spa



First Place Winner: Claire’s at the Depot 

Claire’s is a multiple category winner including best outdoor seating, best place for a cocktail, and best place to eat seafood.

2. Carousel Frozen Treats

3. Black Bear Bistro




First Place Winner: Fox Den Antiques 

This year’s winner is Fox Den Antiques. Readers, you have declared you enjoy shopping here for antiques. Locals and visitors alike have plenty of items to peruse when they visit this store. Antique collectors and shoppers enjoy a wide variety of furniture, artwork, glassware, memorabilia, books, coins, and Civil War items.

2. White Elephant

3. The Empty Nest



First Place Winner: McClanahan Camera

Readers, you have voiced your opinion and McClanahan Camera has claimed victory in this category for 2017. McClanahan Camera has been serving not only our community but Northern Virginia as well for over 50 years. Customers adore this business for the incredible customer service, expertise, and knowledge of all things camera-related (digital and film). If you need help with digital storage, they offer all types: external hard drives, high quality memory cards, and flash drives. Other services include self-service photo printing kiosks and many photo gift options.

2. RadioShack

3. Verizon Wireless



First Place Winner: Designs by Teresa 

The victor this year is Designs by Teresa. According to you, they are the best florist in Warrenton. Located in the heart of Old Town Warrenton, this floral shop has been providing professional design for over 27 years. Shoppers may select from a wide variety of flowers, plants, fountains, and garden items, as well as home accessories such as silk flower arrangements, statues, and gift baskets. Stop by for a quick flower arrangement or for the perfect arrangement for a special event.

2. Village Flowers

3. Warrenton Florist



First Place Winner: Rankin’s Furniture 

Your votes have indicated that Rankin’s Furniture is the best place to go for your furniture shopping in town. This locally-owned family business has been serving the community for over 25 years and offers casual, elegant, modern, and eclectic options to suit any decor. Additionally, they offer accessory items for the home, including lamps, decor, wall art, and more. Try them out the next time you need a new piece of furniture.

2. Shelf Life

3. ReStore – Fauquier Habitat for Humanity



First Place Winner: Latitudes Fair Trade Store 

Lee and Terry Owsley, local residents, opened Latitudes Fair Trade Store in 2010. Since then, residents in the community have been shopping and spreading the word about their merchandise, as indicated with their victory as the best unique gift store. Located on Main Street in Warrenton, this retail location offers something for everyone. The store is a component of the Fair Trade Federation and offers goods from around the world, including hand-crafted bags, baskets, jewelry, clothing, and other gift items.They are open seven days a week and are the perfect place to find a gift for someone…or to spoil yourself.

2. Banner’s Hallmark

3. G. Whillikers



First Place Winner: Rankin’s True Value Hardware 

Readers, you have expressed your loyalty to this establishment. Rankin’s True Value Hardware has been serving the local area for over 50 years. They are the place to go if you need electrical, plumbing, and painting supplies. But don’t forget, they also have appliances, power tools, and grills for patrons to purchase. Their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to provide their professional input to assist you in making just the right selection. They even have sporting goods and fishing gear available for purchase. Stop in—they are open seven days a week and are located in the Warrenton Village Center.

2. ReStore – Fauquier Habitat for Humanity

3. Gilliam’s Building Supply



First Place Winner: Hartman Jewelers

From diamonds to gemstones, from silver to gold to platinum, Hartman Jewelers offers a multitude of jewelry for local shoppers. Voters this year have determined that they are the best jewelry store in Warrenton. There is a piece to fit any style and any budget. Stop in at their convenient location on Main Street in Old Town Warrenton and shop their inventory, or utilize their jewelry cleaning and repair services.

2. Warrenton Jewelers

3. Carter and Spence



First Place Winner: Wort Hog Brewing Company

2. Local Thirty-Five

3. Warrenton Wellness Kitchen & Cooking Store



First Place Winner: Walgreens 

This year, you have voted Walgreens as your favorite pharmacy. Their 24 hour convenience is liked by all. Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are not the only things they can assist you with. They have cosmetics, first-aid care, household supplies and much more.

2.  CVS (Blackwell Road)

3. Giant



First Place Winner: Olympia Sports

Readers, you selected Olympia Sports as the best sporting goods store in Warrenton. This retail establishment offers a variety of merchandise: name brand clothing, shoes, equipment, and accessories. The next time you need a new sporting good item, stop in for a visit.  Their staff is courteous and helpful.

2. Clark Brothers Gun Shop

3. Rankins True Value



The Galloping Grape

First Place Winner: The Galloping Grape

Bottles, saddles, and purrs

By Katie Fuster

“The Galloping Grape combines my two greatest loves: horses and wines,” store owner Kimberly Pinello says. In fact, the shop is the only store in the country where you can purchase wine and beer along with your saddles and tack. “I love to do saddle fittings, because people bring their horses right here to the shop and I get to play with some horses and get a little dirty,” says Pinello. “And when it comes to wines, I love the challenge of matching a person’s taste to the perfect wine, and I’m good at it.”

Pinello’s gift is just one of the reasons why the Galloping Grape has been voted Best Place to Buy Wine every year since 2009. Visitors enjoy the locally-owned shop’s well-curated selections, all of which Pinello has personally tasted and approved, as well as the warm welcome from Pinello’s two assistants: rescue cats Chloe and Molly. “As soon as the doorbell rings Chloe runs to the front door to greet everyone, and when they leave, she walks them out,” Pinello laughs.

The Galloping Grape’s best sellers are its Virginia wines. “They’re moving tremendously compared to eleven years ago when I first opened the shop,” Pinello says with a smile. “I’m happy to see the Virginia wines doing well and moving off the shelf. And we offer free wine tastings every Friday and Saturday. We always match or beat every price in town, including the grocery stores’ prices.”

The Galloping Grape is open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. It’s located at 143 East Shirley Avenue, across the street from the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds.

2. The Grapevine

3. The Town Duck



First Place Winner: Marshalls 

Warrenton voters, you have once again selected Marshalls as the best place to shop for women’s clothes. Located next to Panera in the Warrenton Village Center, Marshalls offers teens’ and women’s clothing options for virtually any occasion at an affordable price.

2. Peebles

3. Christine Fox




First Place Winner: Claire’s at the Depot 

This part of the competition is always a nail-biter and one in which readers really showcase their opinions. This year’s Best All-Around Restaurant goes to Claire’s at the Depot. Claire’s was also awarded best place to go for a business lunch, outdoor seating, cocktails, and a Saturday night date. The Old Town location, atmosphere, and amazing cuisine is definitely noticed by the voters.

2. Black Bear Bistro

3. LongHorn Steakhouse


First Place Winner: Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar

Readers, you enjoy Asian cuisine. There was some tough competition in this year’s category for best Asian food, but Faang Thai Restaurant claims the winning spot. Readers enjoy their unique, exotic flavors–both mild and spicy–in their appetizers, main entrees, and even desserts. They also offer an extensive bar selection. Dine inside or outside, and you will taste the many reasons they were voted number one. You may even enjoy take-out in the comfort of your own home.

2. Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

3. China Jade



Red Truck Bakery (Warrenton)

First Place Winner: Red Truck Bakery 

Red Truck Bakery claims the winning slot as the best bakery in Warrenton. Readers, along with President Obama, have given kudos to Red Truck’s pies and other tasty treats. Their desserts are a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The bakery items may even be shipped to locations all over the country. So, if you are looking to appease your sugar cravings, stop in and try some of their cookies, moonshine cake, chocolate croissants, or one of their other amazing melt-in-your-mouth delights.

2. Café Torino

3. Carousel Frozen Treats



First Place Winner: Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ 

Readers, you all seem to love your BBQ! This was one close competition. However, we as a community luck out if BBQ cravings hit. There are so many delicious options, but only one winner may be named. For 2017, Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ comes out on top. Patrons can select from pork, chicken, beef, ribs, side dishes, and so much more. Check out their menu and try one of their sample dishes if you are not sure what to order.

2. Sibby’s

3. Red Hot & Blue BBQ



First Place Winner: Frost Diner 

Since 1955, Frost Diner has been a mainstay in our town. Readers, you continue to acknowledge their breakfast delights year after year. Once again the winner in this category, Frost offers diners amazing breakfast food 24 hours a day, along with other meal options. Next time you visit, you may be hard-pressed to make a decision on what to eat: pancakes, eggs, corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy, and so many other options. It may literally take you longer to decide on your order than to eat. Enjoy the “old-time” charm of this vintage diner and sit back and relax before, during, and after your meal–it is a great way to catch up with friends, family and other community members.


3. Northside 29 Restaurant



First Place Winner: Claire’s at the Depot

Claire’s was also awarded the best in the categories of all-around restaurant, place to go for a business lunch, outdoor seating, cocktails, and Saturday night date place.

2.Black Bear Bistro,

3.Cafe Torino



First Place Winner: Chick-fil-A

Warrentonians, you have voted and decided that Chick-fil-A is the best place to enjoy a casual, family meal out. Chick-fil-A is known for its friendly atmosphere, love of family, and community. Chick-Fil-A is a winner in multiple categories this year including best customer service, wait staff and take-out.

2. El Agave

3. Black Bear Bistro


Cafe Torino


First Place Winner: Café Torino

Serving the community with northern Italian dishes for many years, it is no wonder voters selected Café Torino as the best caterer in Warrenton. Owners Andrea and Amber Ferrero offer a myriad of catering options for both social and corporate gatherings–small and large. They will even work within budgets to create just the right feast for your occasion.

2. Chick-Fil-A

3. Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ



First Place Winner: Deja Brew Cafe

Warrenton has opined that Deja Brew is the place to grab a hot or cold brew, day or evening. They offer iced or hot coffee, cappuccinos, and espressos. There is something for everyone. Don’t forget to try one of their freshly-made pastries while you are there.

2. Starbucks (by Osaka)

3. Dunkin’ Donuts



First Place Winner: Harris Teeter

Voters, you have selected Harris Teeter as the winner for the best grocery store. Harris Teeter’s primary focus is on quality and taste in all the foods they serve. Next time you need to restock your refrigerator or pantry, give them a try. They are located on Fletcher Drive.

2. Giant,

3. Safeway



First Place Winner: Carousel Frozen Treats

Carousel Frozen Treats is open from approximately March through October and according to you, the readers, they are the best place to enjoy an ice cream cone. The atmosphere is as good as its ice cream! Conveniently located, patrons love to meet up with family and friends during the day, after school, and on the weekends to enjoy a scoop (or two) or one of their other frozen delights.

2. Effee’s Frozen Favorites

3. Coldstone Creamery



First Place Winner: El Agave

Readers, you do love your Mexican food! This race was a close one, but El Agave pulled out the win. This local establishment offers authentic, delicious Mexican food that features chicken, pork, beef, seafood, and vegetarian options. The Villasenor family is welcoming and provides prompt, reliable service with consistently great-tasting food. Check them out for lunch or dinner.

2. El Toro

3. Chipotle



First Place Winner: Claire’s at the Depot

Claire’s was also awarded the best in the categories of all-around restaurant, place to go for a business lunch, outdoor seating, cocktails, and a Saturday night date.

2. Carousel Frozen Treats

3. Black Bear Bistro



First Place Winner: Spitony’s Pizza

Everyone loves a great pizza, and our town offers so many incredible options. Readers, this year you have selected Spitony’s Pizza as the best. Spitony’s is located on Route 29 and has been serving hand-tossed pizzas since 1975. Their menu is perfect for a Friday night (or any night of the week) treat for the entire family. Don’t forget to try their subs and fresh salads too. Take out your meal, or dine indoors or in the outside seating area.

2. Manhattan Pizza

3. Ledo’s Pizza



First Place Winner: Claire’s at the Depot

Claire’s was also awarded the best in the categories of all-around restaurant, place to go for a business lunch, outdoor seating, cocktails, and Saturday night date location.

Honorable Mention:

2.McMahon’s Irish Pub

3.Molly’s Irish Pub



First Place Winner: Claire’s at the Depot

This is a new category this year. Readers, you voiced your opinion with many places listed as the best place for seafood. This year, you selected Claire’s in this highly competitive category. Wonder who will win next year?

2. Osaka Japanese Steakhouse & Seafood

3. Poplar Springs Inn & Spa



First Place Winner: Joe & Vinnie’s Pizza

In this new category for the 2017 competition, you voiced your opinion loud and clear. Joe & Vinnie’s came out on top as the best place to obtain a steak and cheese sandwich. This restaurant also offers a selection of pasta dinners, calzones, a variety of pizzas, strombolis, and pizza turnovers.

2. Manhattan Pizza

3. Foster’s Grille



First Place Winner: Chick-fil-A 

Monday through Saturday, Chick-fil-A is ready to serve up a delicious meal to take home or eat on the go. You have voted them the best place to grab take-out in the area. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they truly can assist you with any meal. Chick-Fil-A is a winner in multiple categories this year including best customer service, casual/family restaurant, and wait staff.

2. Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar

3. Chipotle 


Our area provides us with so many options for shopping, eating, and other necessary services. Our local businesses offer professionalism, expert assistance, and great customer service. Thank you to each and every one of you for all you do for Warrenton and surrounding residents. You truly have a positive impact on our community. Congratulations to all, not just the winners.


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