The Latest Trends in Advertising Have Got Us Thinking About Our Clients AND Our Readers

Digital advertising takes a native approach to better suit its audience, and we’re on board!

Our online readership is well accustomed to the oversaturation of digital advertising. If you’re not paying to have your digital ads blocked, you—like the rest of the web browsing world—have likely adapted to the fact that each time you enter a site you’ll be prompted in one form or another to view an advertisement.

As an online publication focused on lifestyle, our aim is to serve up interesting, entertaining, educational, and uplifting stories from the Piedmont area while balancing the opportunities for our local businesses to get in front of our readers with little interference with their lifestyle. Our mission is to always be thoughtful and conscientious in delivering stories, and likewise, we like our advertisements to also reflect that. With that in mind, we have been watching a trend that marries our standards of integrity and quality with a way for our clients to receive better value in advertising within our site and simultaneously provide our readers with a more enjoyable experience through its delivery.

Other regional and national publications have already adopted this approach called native advertising. And we’re certain you’ve seen then too, even if you haven’t realized it: consider when you scroll through your social media feeds and pause on an engaging article tagged as “sponsored” or paid; or if you’re browsing through articles on an online news source or magazine and stop to read a sponsored story…Those stories exist “natively” within your feed or online publication, meaning they exist without interruption or obstruction of your enjoyment because they are woven in with other stories that you’re interested in. We define successful native ads as paid content that live in harmony with the articles you look forward to reading, and the ads themselves are creative and enjoyable, all while effectively bringing new exposure, education or awareness of our clients to our readers.

We are excited to take part in this trend by offering our readers a creative and thoughtful way to receive advertisements while offering our clients the invaluable opportunity of earning a more positive reception from their ads. As we jump on board with this new trend, we emphasize that our mission maintains to uphold integrity, transparency and quality throughout the production of our website. That is why we also take the care of making sure our clients are eligible to advertise natively. We welcome advertisers who share our values and whose stories make for positive contributions to our online publication.

If you are a business with a compelling story to tell or a positive mission that relates to one of our lifestyle topics, we’d love to speak with you more about native advertising.

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