Calling All Tough Mudders

Above: Hundreds of Tough Mudders rose to the challenge of the Funky Monkey at last year’s event held at Meadow Event Park in Doswell.

The craziest, muddiest, teamwork challenge on the planet is headed to Haymarket

Story and Photos by Ryan Ardigo

“When’s the last time you did something the first time?”  This quote is heard often at the start of a Tough Mudder event. If you haven’t been to a Tough Mudder event before, you’ll have the opportunity soon without having to drive that far.  Tough Mudder is coming to Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket on Saturday June 1, and Sunday June 2.

What exactly is a Tough Mudder event? It’s the craziest, muddiest, most fun you’ll probably ever have while challenging yourself physically and mentally.  It’s a like-minded community of people who’ve chosen to do something different with their weekend, make new friends, make memories – and have the time of their lives doing it. 

Only a seriously Tough Mudder can be king of Kong Infinity.

A Tough Mudder features several different race formats to choose from. Tough Mudder Classic is one 8-10 mile loop of mud-soaked mayhem loaded with 25 obstacles, including 10 new or updated obstacles for 2019. Tough Mudder 5K is its own exhilarating experience with around 13 obstacles over 3 miles.  Both race formats give you the opportunity to get outside your comfort zone, discover what you’re made of, and cross that finish line stronger than you started. Both are untimed, so there’s no pressure and no judgement.

Still got the competitive drive you had in high school or college sports? Register for Tougher Mudder. Tougher Mudder takes the signature course and adds a competitive, timed twist, allowing Mudders to push themselves to a new level, while still maintaining the core values of teamwork and camaraderie.

Actual course details will not be released until about two weeks before the event, but you can bank on unique and exhilarating obstacles such as Funky Monkey, Quagmire, Berlin Walls, Devil’s Beard, and The Gauntlet along with some of the more teamwork-based obstacles such as Blockness Monster, Mud Mile 2.0, and Everest 2.0. Obstacles such as Augustus Gloop and Arctic Enema involve getting in and out of ice water, but thankfully this event is in June and it’s going to be hot. (My advice for conquering these obstacles is don’t hesitate, move fast, and remember to breathe!) The last obstacle on every course this year is Electroshock Therapy. Yes, you will get zapped when running through the dangling wires, but you always have the option of skipping it.


Sounds like a blast right? And I know you want to bring the kids, too. Well you can on Saturday and if they’re between the ages of 5-12 and at least 42” tall, they can get filthy and have fun in Mini Mudder. Mini Mudder is an obstacle course mud run comprised of quarter-mile laps designed for adventure-seeking youngsters. The course gives kids the chance to work as a team, get muddy, and experience the thrill of adventure.

After your race, have fun in Mudder Village with live entertainment, epic games and challenges, local food, and a never ending-supply of Mudder Nation camaraderie. Enjoy that hard-earned frosty beverage while wearing your finisher shirt and headband.

So tell me, when’s the last time you did something the first time? Can’t recall? Register for an event you’ll never forget. Visit and use code BRAND4869 at checkout to receive 30% off your registration for either the Tough Mudder Classic or the Tough Mudder 5K.

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