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Above: Developing Confidence! Developing confidence is the key to growth. 2nd2nunn uses intense mental and physical development to guide each young mentee to be their best self.

2nd2Nunn Sports combines fitness, team building, and goal setting to help kids build confidence.

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From the time we are born, we look up to older people and authority figures in our lives. That’s one of many reasons why it is so important for young children to be surrounded by positive role models. After spending time as an assistant coach for his daughter’s softball team, Tyrone Nunnally came to realize that there were many children who had barriers, such as cost, that kept them from participating in sports. In 2015, he launched 2nd2Nunn Sports in order to fill that need in the community.

2nd2Nunn Sports is a non-profit organization in Warrenton committed to providing programs at an affordable price for youth and adults that support a healthier, more self-sufficient generation by linking fitness, fun, training, team building, academic success, and community service. “We use sports and fitness as a tool to mentor them and to get them to chase goals and not let anyone put any limitations on them,” Nunnally said. “Each kid matures at a different pace. Once they’re told they aren’t good enough at something, they’ll never try again. For someone to minimize their opportunities at these critical ages, it inhibits their growth.”

For the smaller kids, Nunnally starts conditioning with the lower half of the body and teaching the proper use of the legs, assisting kids in developing a strong base/foundation in agility and form running.

Nunnally’s own background has also contributed to his dedication to helping the children of the community grow up with the confidence to do anything they set out to do. Tyrone is a veteran, having served in the U.S. Marines for four years before attending George Mason University where he played football. 

When he recognized a need for affordable fitness programs for children, he got to work. “There needs to be a healthy outlet to teach these kids that it doesn’t matter what someone else’s opinion is,” Nunnally said. “You need to be able to have a place to work on you and become your best self. That’s what we provide.”

There are many programs and offerings available to anyone who wants to get involved with the organization. What originally started as a mentoring organization has quickly grown and evolved as more needs have arisen. “We came up with additional fitness programs because of the digital age,” Nunnally said. “Kids don’t have to go outside anymore and PE class is minimal in that you can choose whether or not to participate. We want kids to feel good about themselves and to get active.”

For the intermediate kids, Nunnally focuses on strengthening and conditioning, believing that a healthy strong mind will lead to a strong body.

The 2nd2Nunn philosophy centers around the thought that sports and fitness have the power to strengthen individuals and their relationships with others and in turn, strengthen our community.

While mentorship is built-in to every program they offer, there are program offerings aimed at helping individuals and children that meet them where they are and what their goals are. “For the kid who wants to play a sport at a high level or the kids who want to develop themselves, we created the middle school programs where we introduce them to body movements and take them to the next level where they learn agility and conditioning,” Nunnally said.

Currently, they are working on a collegiate development program, but their main focus is on school-aged children. While 2nd2Nunn is focused on getting children to be more active, it is so much more than a fitness organization. “We’re an organization that truly believes in empowering the kids and what I mean by that is, our focus is all about the kid and helping them become their best. No matter the cost,” Nunnally said. “We focus on different approaches to help them reach the ultimate goal. Not the other person’s best, but their best.”

Dealing with stress/pressure and developing a never quit attitude: Pressure is measured by the size of the shoulders, so applying pressure shows the young mentee that there is only one direction — Up!

When a child walks through their doors, you can expect them to receive an experience that is completely tailored to them. Tyrone and the staff at 2nd2Nunn understand that each child requires a different approach. While there are some kids who naturally excel in all things athletics, there are just as many children who hate working out. The mission is to provide everyone with the confidence to not only participate, but to enjoy themselves while they’re participating. “We care about results with the kids. My experiences in the military taught me to approach this from the angle of ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link,’ Nunally said. “ We want to bring that weakest link up to be just as competitive as the other, stronger links.” 

My experiences in the military taught me to approach reaching the goal from the angle of identifying the weakest link. A person is only as strong as their weakest link” Nunnally said. “We want to bring that weakest link up to be just as competitive as the other, stronger links.” 

 “We care about results with the kids. The way to get results and my approach to it, my experience from the military, you’re only as strong as your weakest link,” Nunnally said. “We want to bring that weakest link up to be just as competitive as the others.” 

In addition to all of their fitness programs, they offer a Changing Lives Campaign that combines intense weekly training with stimulating physical, academic, and social goal setting and achievement. Their goal with this program is to develop and prepare young leaders for success.

If you would like to support 2nd2Nunn Sports in providing these healthy, active opportunities for children and young adults, you can visit their website and donate at 2nd2nunn.inc/donate. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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