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Broad Run Off Road Hosts Its First Fall Foliage Adventure Race October 23

Photos by Christine Craddock

This fall, Broad Run Off Road has decided to host its first annual Fall Foliage Adventure Race on October 23 in and around C.M. Crockett Park and Germantown Lake in Fauquier County, with 100% of the proceeds going to Girl Scout Troop 90088. “This event is very family-friendly. We decided to break it down and get rid of the biking portion because we didn’t want there to be barriers for anyone to come join. This one will be on foot and paddling,” Wagner said. “Over 20 girl scouts themselves will actually be competing and participating in the race. You can sign up as a soloist, or a two person or three person team. There are no rules to say you can’t work with another group, too.”

If you’re looking to get started in adventure racing, this is a great opportunity to do so. “We’re just hoping to bring more attention to this event as a new fun activity for people to try, and get people to discover this great hidden away park and lake in our area,” Wagner said. “Twenty percent of the people will be trying to win and the rest of the people are just going to have fun, with the majority of the people just there to have a good time.”

Registration in the Fall Foliage Adventure Race includes kayak/canoe rental, race shirt, map, race photos, and post-race refreshments. 

You can register for and learn more about both the Leopold’s Reserve Twilight Trail Race and the Fall Foliage Adventure Race at

In 2014, Allen Wagner gathered several passionate runners for a group run. Fast forward to today, and the organization Wagner founded that is now known as Broad Run Off Road, has raised over $30,000 for more than eight different local non-profit organizations. They’ve done it through trail runs, fun runs and adventure races donating one hundred percent of the proceeds each time. 

The first race was held at Leopold’s Preserve in Haymarket. Wagner mapped out a 5k course and created an online sign up sheet for the “Leopold’s Trail 5K.” Over 100 runners showed up on a chilly November morning, complete with donated race bibs and a running clock at the finish line. Year after year, Broad Run Off Road has continued to host a fall trail run at Leopold’s Preserve, adding a fall fest and other events over the years. Two things always stay the same — the race is always 100% run by volunteers, and 100% of any proceeds collected are donated. 

This fall, you can participate in the organization’s Twilight Trail Race at Leopold’s Preserve on September 25th. This will be its 7th annual race at Leopold’s Preserve. 

After years of offering runs of all types and for participants of all ages, Wagner and crew were introduced to adventure racing. “Unlike a standard 10K/5K race with a strictly marked race course, adventure race participants get a map of the park on race morning with marked checkpoints and have a time limit to find as many of the checkpoints as they can,” Wagner said. “Some they will get to by paddling (using a canoe or kayak) and some by trekking on foot, and no GPS or phones are allowed. They have to navigate with just a map and compass.”

In May, Broad Run Off Road put on its first annual Spring Bloom Adventure Race at Silver Lake in Haymarket that benefitted a local Boy Scout Troop. “We capped it at 200 and ended up selling out months before. We had 21 family-based teams that were parents and their kids,” Wagner said. “We had people come from out of state and we even had a waiting list. We received such great feedback and had people already asking when the next would be held.”

Participants were encouraged to leave a review, and here’s some of the feedback:

“The perfect mix of thinking and movement!”

“This was one of the most fun things I have ever done with my family. Incredibly well organized, too! We’ve been bit by the bug and looking to do more of these types of things together. Thank you!”

“This was my first adventure race and it was awesome. We had a great time with many laughs.”

“Cannot wait to do this again! Thank you so much for all of the work that went into putting this together. Unbelievably well organized and thoroughly enjoyed!”

“As total newbies who got lost and didn’t know what to do, we loved the experience and want to participate in more!”

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