REVive Your Mind, Body, and Soul

By Kara Thorpe

Rhythmic-based Spin, Barre, and TRX classes at REVive Studio inspire and motivate

If you aren’t passionate, or being challenged, or having fun, you will not make a change to your life, according to Kayla Stauffer and Heather Weaver, co-owners of REVive Studio in Gainesville. These two women believe in empowerment of the mind and body and have used that philosophy to build a space where friendships have flourished and Spin, TRX, and Barre classes have participants leaving feeling better than when they came in.

A lifelong athlete with childhood musical interests, Stauffer discovered a love for spin class when she realized it incorporated everything she loves. She could see and feel how motivating the combination of music and exercise was and knew right away that this was perfect for her. “Sharing this with the community and spreading positivity throughout each and every class is what makes me who I am — strong, motivating, supportive, energetic, caring, and all over electric,” she says.

​”With trust, belief, and time, you will see and feel change and strength fueled by passion! We strive to transform your belief that working out is anything but awesome. Our highly trained instructors will not only fuel your energy through every class, they keep that fire burning long after.”

A multi-sport athlete herself, Weaver returned to exercise as an outlet after getting married and building a family that includes five children. She had yet to give spinning a shot but all it took was a few songs on the bike for her to realize that spinning was the perfect combination of physical and mental motivation and she was completely on board too. Now, having taught over 300 classes in just 10 short months, you’d never know she had just discovered her new passion less than two years ago. “As a health and fitness coach, I discovered my love for helping others find their own happiness within themselves through healthy living, and wanted to continue spreading that positive change throughout my community,” she says.

These high-school classmates followed each other’s fitness journeys online for years. Stauffer, a previous studio owner in Pennsylvania, would come back to Virginia to visit her family and seek out an exercise class to take. She quickly realized there weren’t any places that quite fit her needs. The two friends’ mutual interests sparked an idea and they began to talk about the possibility of opening a studio. They visualized what it would look and, more importantly, feel like. With some encouragement from their families, they decided to go for it. When a space in the Madison Crescent shopping center in Gainesville became available, Weaver and Stauffer jumped at the opportunity and began to transform it into their dream studio.

Kara Thorpe

There were a few factors that were on top of the list of priorities that Weaver and Stauffer wanted to incorporate. One was to provide affordable child care so that parents would not have to sacrifice their fitness goals for their budget. Another was to make sure REVive was built in a way to allow members to gather and get to know one another on a more personal level; they wanted an intimate feel. They felt it should also be a place where people could come to push themselves both physically and mentally, connect their minds and bodies, and just let go to focus on themselves. Testaments to their efforts can be found in the feedback they receive and the relationships they have formed with their members.

“It’s the best workout I’ve ever had” is commonly heard from the mostly women clients at REVive Studio. This is just one, if not the best, compliment they have received. It validates that Weaver and Stauffer are succeeding in their mission to change the mindset and erase the negative stigma that surrounds the exercise community for some people. Instead of dreading their time at the gym, these members often report they can’t wait to get to class. Weaver and Stauffer feel privileged to be able to witness the life changes that are happening daily at REVive Studio. When clients’ bodies and moods change, their outlook also changes.

The women have witnessed the friendships that have formed between members and also between members and instructors. The members rely on the instructors to help them get to where they want to be. The one-on-one interaction and personalized attention to each person’s fitness ability and goals is what makes REVive so unique. It’s really become a support system for some. “You aren’t just a member to us, you are a part of our community,” says Weaver.

The positive and uplifting atmosphere at REVive is contagious, and these successful women are confident that each person who tries a class will feel the same. For this reason, the first class is always free, with no strings attached. Almost everyone who has tried a free class is blown away and ends up coming back again and again. REVive has become a place where people of all ages, all sizes, and all different backgrounds come together for 45 minutes of fun and exercise and leave with ‘feel good’ feelings, and maybe also a few new friends.

REVive Studio

7956 Crescent Park Drive in Gainesville

(703) 743-9166


  • A 45-minute high-intensity rhythmic workout on a spin bike that provides full body toning by adding upper body movements as well as 2-5 pound hand weights


  • A 45-minute ballet-inspired workout that uses the repetition of small, pulsing movements with emphasis on form, alignment, and core engagement


  • A 45-minute suspension training that utilizes full body resistance to further develop strength, balance, and flexibility while using functional movements and dynamic positions


  • A 60-minute combination class that starts with 30 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of either barre or TRX


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