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By Kara Thorpe

Remington Drug Co. provides more than pharmaceuticals – from one generation to the next

Remington residents know all about the locally owned Remington Drug Co., as it has been in operation since 1913 – a true staple in the community. The pharmacy has served locals with a personal touch from one generation to the next and has continued to provide a wide variety of services and products, including an old-fashioned soda fountain, patrons always enjoy.

Travis Hale, co-owner and president of Remington Drug Co. shared, “Much of this drugstore still remains in its original condition. The cabinets are all built-in and original to the store, as well as the soda fountain which was installed in the 1930s.” Hale described the ambience as a “throwback to the good ole days of pharmacy.”  

Doc Ashby and his car in front of the pharmacy

The delightful soda fountain still entices customers, but there is more to this business than just a milkshake or a scoop of ice cream. Hale stressed the importance of maintaining the same feel and service Remington Drug has been known for over the decades, but also offering the latest the industry can provide. “We’ve been upgrading the pharmacy over the last couple of years to keep up with technology and provide convenient services such as a mobile app which allows our patients to submit refill requests, look up drug information, create medication reminders, and much more,” he said.

Hale’s interest in the pharmaceutical industry began right out of high school where he worked for CVS Pharmacy. “I knew I wanted to go into the pharmaceutical field. Working in a large corporate chain pharmacy for the next couple of years was enough to tell me that the corporate pharmacy environment was not for me,” he shared.  

Hale began working at Remington Drug in 2007, after graduating from VCU/MCV School of Pharmacy, while he also worked part-time for Family Care Pharmacy, which was located in the back of the Remington Drug building. “I was able to work with two outstanding pharmacists, Wilbur Heflin & Al Roberts, whom I would consider my mentors,” he said.

Main Street of Remington before the fire in 1923

Over the past couple of years, Hale and Roberts had to be proactive to keep Remington Drug open. “The margins are so small in a pharmacy and with reductions to reimbursements occurring all the time, the only way we felt we could survive was to increase our business, or buy better. Over the years, Hale spoke with Roberts about partnering and buying the store together, but wanted to make some modifications prior to that. Hale said, “We made those major changes, mostly behind-the-scenes, and on December 1, 2015, we bought the drugstore.”

Prescription services are a big component of the pharmacy’s business, but, Remington Drug Co. also provides a medication synchronization program called Simplify My Meds. Hale said, “We coordinate the filling of any maintenance medications so they all are filled at the same time each month, or every 90 days, depending on the preference. This allows a once monthly, or once every 3 month pick up or delivery, thus saving trips to the pharmacy and improving coordination between the pharmacy and patient.” The pharmacy also offers flu shots and other immunizations such as Pneumonia and the new Shingles vaccine (Shingrix).

Remington Drug Store interior, 1941

It is also important to note that Remington Drug is one of only two providers in the local area to offer compound medication solutions. Adults, pediatric patients, and pets all benefit from this offering. The majority of the available products include topical pain creams, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), pediatric dosage forms, suppositories, and topical dental medications, amongst other items.

Additionally Hale said the store offers Medication Therapy Management (MTM), free Medicare Part D enrollment, and private consultations. Plus the store offers a variety of products such as Jobst compression hosiery, pharmaceutical grade vitamins, supplements, over the counter products, and an assorted mix of greeting cards, which meets a variety of needs in the community. Plus, there is the soda fountain, a place where the community may gather and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Hale said, “The most recent service we have added is our accredited diabetic self-management training and education program called Sweet Spot Evolution which is taught by a pharmacist who has been certified to teach on diabetes.” The Sweet Spot Evolution classes are FREE and are held at the Remington Volunteer Fire Department on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Topics of discussion include basic tools and tips for everyday living with diabetes. “Our accreditation allows us to take that education a step further by meeting one-on-one or in small groups, and this training is covered by Medicare and some commercial insurers,” Hale shared.

Travis Hale, owner of Remington Drug Co.

Remington Drug even includes pets as customers. Veterinary medication is available at pricing comparable to that of big online businesses. “We connected with a few suppliers of vet meds at conferences and decided providing those medications to our customers would be a value added service,” explained Hale. “We like the idea of offering our customers the convenience of picking up their pet’s medication at the same time they pick up their own; it seemed like the obvious thing to do.” Common pet medications filled at the pharmacy include Rimadyl, Frontline, Heartgard, and others.

Hale remembers customer’s names and important details regarding their family, and the patrons in turn know about his. “As a business owner, it is nice when our patients ask about our families. It builds a real sense of community between us and our patients when we have relationships like that.,” he said. Hale and Roberts feel the more they “can offer patients, the better the business and the higher the likelihood that Remington Drug will be around for another 100 years.”  Remington Drug services Remington, Warrenton, Catlett, Midland, Opal, Casanova, Calverton, Culpeper, Jeffersonton, and many other towns.

Remington Drug Co. is located at 207 E. Main Street, Remington. For more information, visit their website (www.remingtondrug.com) or call 540-439-3247.

Diabetes Educational Seminars

Our free Sweet Spot Diabetes Education classes are the second and fourth Thursdays of each month from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.; adjustments for holidays are implemented. Topics vary monthly. For  and may be found on our website under Diabetes Education along with all the dates and times. Classes are scheduled this month on May 10 and May 24 and the topic is “Maximizing your Doctor’s visit.” Classes are also scheduled for June 14 and 28, and the topic is “Losing weight the wise way.”

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