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Even more micro-brew options are now available in the area

For those who know me, I enjoy a good beer. In my house there are two types of beer enthusiasts: the hops lover and wheat beer lover. Each inherently believes their option is the best. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment around us as we debate over the type of beer we think is better. Although our preferences don’t align with one another well, we do both enjoy a good brew.

The IPA fever is popular these days, as are local breweries – especially those focusing on using regionally grown hops. Infused brews offer flavors unique to each creator; some are even infused with fruit, while others showcase the flavors of the season. No matter your preference, there truly is a beer for everyone to enjoy.

Locally, Fauquier and Prince William county have followed the country’s enthusiasm for microbreweries. Within a short driving distance there are several options for brew enthusiasts to find just the “right” option. Here is a list of the area destinations for you to visit and sample the offerings. Let us know which beer you prefer, by posting a photo and comment and use hashtag #thevabeerilove and don’t forget to tag us – we are on Facebook and Twitter.

Fauquier County

The Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

Old Bust Head Brewing Company

Powers Farm & Brew

Wort Hog Brewing Company

Prince William County

Tin Cannon Brewing Co.

Heritage Brewing Co.

2 Silos Brewing Company

BadWolf Brewing Company


The main ingredients needed to create beer:

  • Grain (barley, wheat, rye, rice, sorghum and others)
  • Hops
  • Water
  • Yeast

What are hops? Essentially, hops are a flower that grows on a vine (Humulus lupulus). Hops are the beer ingredient that is responsible for the bitter, malty flavor in many brews. There are many varieties of this plant, so the overall flavor will be different based upon which hops are utilized in the beer brewing. Hops are also used in brew because the plant has an innate ability to ward off bacteria, which helps in beer preservation. If you wish to read more about this topic, there are many articles and information available on the Internet.

Interesting fact

Hops is part of the Cannabinaceae plant family, as is Cannabis. If you wish to tout your knowledge about plant material, it may be a fun fact to share. However, these plants are distinctly unique. A fun read for more information on this topic read the article from Popular Science back in 2012 titled BeerSci: What’s The Connection Between Hops And Marijuana?.

More trivia on hops

Did you know that hops use in beer dates back to 822 AD (source: Around the 13th Century, hops became regularly used in the beer brewing industry. Prior to utilizing hops, makers utilized a variety of herbs – even spices – to flavor their drink. In America, farmers began cultivating hops crops around 1600, which means hops is not new to the U.S. agricultural industry.



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