Beyond the Jack-o’-Lantern

Classic Pumpkin Pie — from real pumpkins

By Natalie Ortiz

With the approach of harvest season for apples and pumpkins, it’s time to start thinking towards the holidays.

For a downloadable, printable version of the recipe, click here.

Pumpkin pie is easy, right? Using those cans of pumpkin pie filling from the grocery store, you can whip it up in a snap, especially if you’re using store-bought pie crust.

But maybe treat your family to something more authentic this holiday season. It’s really not hard to make pumpkin pie from actual pumpkins — it’s a simple matter of roasting them in the oven until the flesh is soft, and then puréeing it in a food processor. Using fresh pumpkin puree gives the pie a creamier mouth feel and a thicker, better texture, well worth the effort! 

Sugar pumpkins are the best pumpkins to use for roasting and pies. They are usually smaller than your regular jack-o-lantern variety, are less stringy, and have a firm, sweet-savory flesh that makes a smooth purée once roasted, making them ideal for soups or — in this instance — pies. A good rule of thumb is that one 3-4 pound roasted sugar pumpkin yields approximately 3-4 cups of pumpkin purée. They’ll be at your local farmers market soon! 


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