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The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run is a new local destination for families and beer lovers

Michelle and Bill DeWitt have owned the farm for years, but a common interest in homebrewing spurred the idea for a brewery. Christine Craddock

For years, the Farm at Broad Run has been a fun little daytime activity for those looking for a place to scoop up some fresh produce or a beautiful plant arrangement. But exciting changes have happened recently—the addition of a new craft brewery.

When I visited, it was a week before the soft opening of the new Farm Brewery at Broad Run, with the public opening planned for a few days later. The excitement in the air was coupled with anxious thoughts of wanting everything to be ready and perfect. Kayleigh Woodfin, the marketing manager, met me inside the charming and inviting building that looks as if it has always been part of the farm; in reality it was recently built, seeming to have popped up overnight.  She and one of the owners, Michelle DeWitt, treated me like we had been friends for years while they took me on a tour of the facility and introduced me to the crew. Everyone seemed to be in motion and yet still stopped what they were doing to answer any questions I had, or encourage me to sample a few of the delicious brews that head brewer Bobby Burris had been working on.

Each serving tank houses a different beer, crafted with unique flavors. I enjoyed each one and had a hard time picking a favorite, which is unusual for me. The MAC Imperial Red IPA, BRB Blonde Ale, BRX Belgian Dubbel, and CAP Porter are on the opening lineup but new brews will be available in the future. The huge, shiny tanks lined up along one wall in the facility appear more like works of art than functioning equipment. With it all visible from the expansive interior seating area, the result is a welcoming area for visitors to ask questions and learn about the process while enjoying the atmosphere.

Michelle and Bill DeWitt have owned the Farm at Broad Run since 1998 when they bought the property off Route 55 in Broad Run. The farm first functioned as a nursery and producer for Community Landscape Services, which is also owned and operated by the DeWitts. It has been the couple’s combined passions—Bill’s experience in the landscape business and Michelle’s desire to feed her family fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the farm—that has allowed them to successfully operate the farm all these years. But when the couple discovered yet another mutual interest, homebrewing beer, it sparked the idea to open a brewery on the farm.

Each serving tank houses a different brew, such as the MAC Imperial Red IPA, BRB Blonde Ale, BRX Belgian Dubbel, and CAP Porter. Christine Craddock

But simply opening a brewery wasn’t what the DeWitts had in mind. They invest time into not only the big picture, but also concentrate on the smallest details to create something unique and personal. The Farm Brewery at Broad Run is the perfect showpiece to prove that the DeWitts thought through every single aspect of their exciting new venture. The interior design looks like Joanna Gaines stopped by and whipped it all together. The combination of wood and stainless steel with iron elements makes it feel authentic yet modern.

Even the bathrooms were designed and implemented with thought. Two walls are lined with individual bathrooms labeled in cutout iron words: “Stand,” “Sit,” or “You Choose,” where parents of either gender can accompany their children.

Visitors can sip by the warm fireplace at one end of the taproom, sit at one of the long tables in the middle of the room, at one of the lower tables for families with kids, or at the bar alongside the serving tanks. The interior is gorgeous, but the exterior is a close rival. I have a feeling this summer a lot of families will be enjoying the beautiful surroundings outside of the taproom which include a large lawn space for families with kids to play.

By Christine Craddock

Just as much thought was put into the individuals the DeWitts wanted to be involved with the brewery. Michelle’s lifelong enthusiasm for fresh food and pure ingredients led her to a partnership with Aaron Lynch, owner of Hidden Julles Cafe of Warrenton and Haymarket. For years Lynch has been purchasing Michelle’s homegrown produce to use in the cafe. When Lynch got word of the brewery concept from on the farm, he knew that his food truck “THE RAMBLER” would make the perfect accompaniment. The food at Hidden Julles is known for being fresh, organic, and natural, but more importantly, delicious The partnership between the farm and the cafe is “fluid” says Lynch. While the food truck will be available for visitors on the days the farm is open, there is also talk of a more extensive role. Lynch envisions dinner and beer pairings in the beautiful pavilion in the future.

Meticulous planning went into the design of the taproom to make it feel as though it belonged on the farm. Christine Craddock

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run has enjoyed a successful opening and has been well received by the community. But this is just the beginning—the DeWitts look forward to many years of families enjoying their hospitality and making memories. I encourage you to go on by, bring your friends, and relax at the farm with a delicious meal and a beer you are sure to love. Be sure to check their website and social media for special events and live entertainment.

The brewery is located at 16015 John Marshall Highway in Broad Run, which is just outside of Haymarket. From the Town of Haymarket, you would just stay on Washington Street which turns into John Marshall Highway (Route 55) as you go past the Walmart shopping center. The farm will be on your left about a mile down the road. To learn more, call 703-753-3548 and add The Farm Brewery at Broad Run on Facebook and Instagram. Food menus, live entertainment, and special events are listed there.


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