Bring Romance to your Table

Wine and Dine

Create the Mood with Yummy Food

Hugs and kisses served with tasty dishes are a sure way to win the heart of your Valentine.

But if you’d rather spend more time with your sweetie and less time in the kitchen, you can still put a love feast on the table. My make-ahead, easy-on-the-cook menu is just what Cupid ordered plus it focuses on the mood foods guaranteed to make your main squeeze go all lovey-dovey.

Oysters, red wine, chocolate, champagne, strawberries, raspberries, coffee along with anything Italian are the most time honored, love inspiring foods. Gather them together and prep a day or two in advance for a dinner amore that requires no last minute cooking.

Could anything be more romantic than sharing a sensual home cooked meal?

Romantic Mood Food Menu
Love Bites
Strawberries & Chilled Champagne
Heart Shaped Lasagna
Honeymoon Salad
(Lettuce alone with your fav dressing)
Local Vintage Virginia Red Wine
A Kiss in the Dark
Café Framboise

Downloadable, printable recipes HERE

Karla Jones Seidita
About Karla Jones Seidita 9 Articles
In her fifty-plus years as a food industry professional, Karla Jones Seidita has been a teacher, a writer, a restaurant and wholesale bakery owner as well as a regular host and contributor to popular radio shows. She is the owner and innkeeper of Cheesecake Farms, a Bed and Breakfast in Southern Fauquier county.

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