Love Muffins

A Valentine’s morning fresh, homemade treat

By Karla Jones Seidita, Home Economist

It’s always special to start Valentine’s Day off with a special breakfast. How about falling in love with fresh, yummy (and easy!) made-from-scratch muffins baked with oodles of love, just like granny made?  Light years away from the mass produced kind, these are the real deal.

The secret: whip up my Master Muffin Mix the night before and bake the muffins fresh in the morning. The Basic Muffin Recipe will stand on its own with beef stew at dinnertime, or with peanut butter and jelly anytime, but for Valentine’s Day breakfast let’s use it to try some easy and delicious variations: think chocolate chip, banana, applesauce, molasses, berries…all kinds of options. The Master Mix will also serve as the basis for a so, so easy cherry cobbler. Simply start with the Basic Muffin Recipe and explore from there!  

Downloadable, printable recipe (2 pages)

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