Recipe: Grandma’s Buckeyes

You might call them peanut butter balls, but as I hail from Ohio they’re Buckeyes to me! My grandma’s Buckeyes to be specific.

In our family, it’s just not the holidays without a big batch of these delicious peanut butter and chocolate desserts. They’re the most requested treat from my kids this time of year and, since friends love them too, I even give them as gifts. Once you’ve made a batch you can keep some in the freezer to be popped out whenever you’ve got a sweet tooth or need to bring a holiday token of appreciation to a friend.

With this recipe what you need to know is that you’re likely going to make the Buckeyes in two days unless you start the peanut butter mixture early enough to pop it in your freezer. Once the peanut butter balls are frozen and your chocolate is hot, you’ll need to work quickly. In this case many hands actually do make light work so get the kids to help (they’re probably home, right?!).

While there are a lot of variations of this classic, the ratios I’ve provided here are what work best for me. When you’re rolling the balls, you don’t want them to be sticky and by following the directions they won’t be.These serve up nicely on a platter but, if you’re not ready to eat them all at once, place them in a freezer bag and store in your freezer! Enjoy!

For a downloadable, printable recipe, click here.

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