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Origin of a Recipe

Welcome to the second edition of Origin of a Recipe. This month we’re featuring our distinguished hollandaise for days sauce. Feel free to double or triple this recipe and reheat it throughout the week.

Story and photos by Aaron Lynch, Chef-Owner, Hidden Julles Cafe

Hollandaise is a versatile sauce that can easily span multiple breakfast through dinner dishes. Made with four common ingredients that you probably already have in stock, it has the potential to be your next family favorite sauce.

At Hidden Julles Cafe, we use hollandaise sauce on our famous Eggs Benedict Parker Style. It features our in-house, hand-made pork chorizo sausage, fresh avocado, and a perfectly poached egg perched on top of an in-house and freshly baked organic English muffin that is smothered with this sunny warm hollandaise sauce. Everyone raves that our hollandaise is the tastiest around, and that’s because our defining ingredient is hands down the farm fresh organic eggs from Whiffletree Farm. Whiffletree Farm’s organic goldenrod, rich-flavored yolks are no comparison to store-bought pale yellow yolks. We highly suggest using organic farm fresh eggs whenever possible.

My mom, Julie Ann Stevens Lynch, for whom the cafe is named, enjoyed making hollandaise for special occasions. Our family has such fond memories of her in our kitchen carefully preparing the sauce with delight, and her joy as she watched each one of us lick our plates clean. My mom loved dousing asparagus and Eggs Benedict with hollandaise and my dad, brothers, and I joked unceasingly that we had, “hollandaise with asparagus” instead of “asparagus with hollandaise.”

During the creation of Hidden Julles Cafe, my brothers and I agreed that mom’s hollandaise sauce was a definite must to incorporate. We are elated to share this family favorite with you.

Yield: Six Servings


  • 6 egg yolks
  • 4 ounces (1 stick) of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed  lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt


  • On medium-low heat, place the butter in a skillet
    • Note: Clarifying the butter takes about 15-20 minutes. You want to separate the oil from the natural fat in the butter until it gets a crisp hardened fat on top. PHOTO: JPG 2
  • With a spoon, skim and dispose of the fat on top of the butter
  • Let the rest of the butter cool to room temperature
    • Note: Using hot butter will cook the egg yolks
  • Separate the eggs and whisk the yolks in a bowl to a lighter shade of yellow PHOTOS: JPGs 3&4
  • Slowly whisk in the butter
  • Slowly whisk in the lemon Juice
  • Add in the salt
  • Taste mixture for the desired flavor
    • Note: It’s preferred to set the flavor now before the tempering occurs
  • Place mixture in metal or glass bowl and double boil over medium heat PHOTO: JPG 6
  • Move the whisk from side to side to clear the bottom and sides PHOTO: JPG 7
    • Note: Do not whisk or mix the mixture
  • Once you see some eggs beginning to cook, remove the bowl from the boiler and continue to whisk from side to side to clear the bottom and sides for 3-5 minutes
  • Move the whisk in a circular motion in the center of the mixture
    • Note: It is at the right consistency when you can make a complete rotation and see the outline of the circle. PHOTO: JPG 8
  • Test the sauce by dipping the back of a spoon in the sauce. You will want it to coat the spoon and barely drip. PHOTO: JPG 9
  • Enjoy your hollandaise

Click here for a downloadable, printable version of this recipe

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