Stay out of the Kitchen and in the Festivities

Easy pre-prepared freezer-to-table family meals and no-fuss entertaining for the holidays

By Karla Sedita

The holidays can be a busy time…. shopping, decorating, and getting together with family and friends on top of regular work and home routines.This year, perhaps more than any other year, we need quality time with our loved ones. 

Most of us have the big holiday meals already planned. But what about the meals that don’t necessarily call for turkey or ham? The in-between days when the family is still hungry and guests may stop by? Be ready! Take a few minutes now to stock your freezer with unique home cooked dinners that still feel festive and are ready to pop into the oven for easy family meals and no-fuss entertaining. You won’t be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is making merry, and they’ll get to enjoy your company as much as they will enjoy these distinctive dishes!

Make ahead Salmon Dinner Pie
Prep and Freeze Pumpkin Lasagna

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