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Food Trucks Deliver Delicious Summer Favorites

By Sarah Kirk, Courtesy Photos

Time was when summer meant the arrival of the ice cream man. These days it’s all about the arrival of the food trucks. You can find them at wineries, breweries, private parties, country clubs, and sometimes parked right outside your office. To whet your appetite, we’ve profiled three of our favorites here. Ready to give them a try in person? Most post their schedules on social media. Enjoy!


For Gainesville local Chris Pryce, cooking is a family affair, having learned lots from his mother who worked in the catering industry. She helped him launch his own catering business and Caribbean-American fusion food truck, which is now making regular appearances across the region. After studying accounting, Pryce noticed the trend in food trucks. “My mom had a catering business. I invited her over and she shared her experience and expertise with me.” The concept for his menu became “blending American favorites with popular Caribbean dishes.” Jerk seasoning is an integral ingredient in Caribbean cuisine, so once he had perfected his homemade jerk sauce, tacos and wraps became a standout menu item, suitable to all tastes. “A lot of people assume that Caribbean food is spicy,” says Pryce,” but it’s actually very mild.” He seasons chicken thighs, slow cooked and pulled apart, served over flour tortillas with provolone cheese, jerk sauce, spinach and shredded cabbage. Most dishes are served with plantains, red beans and rice or fries. Red Bone’s menu is available in the Haymarket area through GrubHub, but look for the truck at Quantico Marine base, Dominion Valley Country Club and at this year’s Haymarket Day on October 19th.

Keep up with the truck!  On Facebook at @redbonecf, and on Instagram and Twitter at @redbonecaribbeancatering.


Passing through Marshall, some may do a double-take when they see a British double-decker bus parked back off the main road. Look closer and notice that the long-hauler, which used to run the Yorkshire to Manchester route, has been converted to a “bustaurant” as owner Brian Lichorowic likes to call it. Lichorowic has lived in Middleburg for over 25 years. He calls himself “an old internet guy,” describing his earlier career; this, he says, is his “2.0 in life.” Serving a fun menu, Johnny Monarch’s offers both foods that are “really good for you, and really, really bad for you.” Lichorowic and co-owner Lorie Addison took inspiration for some of the lighter menu options from the United States Olympic Committee training table including recipes suitable for a vegan water polo player alongside more calorific options like “Steak Me Away” ($18), three quarters of a pound of shaved ribeye with cheese and grilled mushrooms, onions and peppers served with Johnny cakes drizzled with local honey made by his brother. Lichorowic and Addison are planning the arrival of a second bus on the premises – this one will be a bar area with an open platform on top, situated around an outdoor dining area and stage. A list of summer events, concerts and performances are already being planned for what Lichorowic describes as a “unique piece of community” in the middle of Marshall.

Keep up with the truck! On Facebook at @johnnymonarchs.


Founded in Historic Manassas and serving hot spots across the DMV, the idea for The Frenchman Food Truck was born at a window seat in a French bistro on a snowy Saturday afternoon in New York City in February 2015. Owner Johnnie Thomas and his wife, Marie, were on vacation and he was contemplating becoming his own boss. During lunch, sitting behind them at the bistro, an elderly French gentleman was alone and fully enjoying life. Johnnie was inspired by the man’s lively energy and spirit. He leaned over to his wife and whispered, “If I open a business of our own, I’m going to name it after him.” To which she replied, “You don’t know his name.” “Yes, I do,” said Johnnie. “He’s The Frenchman.” Since that fateful day, The Frenchman has been crafting French food with a Virginia accent much to the delight of all who’ve experienced it. Find The Frenchman on June 15 from 12-8pm at Old Bust Head Brewing Company in Warrenton.

Keep up with the truck! On Facebook at @FrenchmanFoodTruck.

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